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# Python script (>= 3.6) to fix wrongly formatted tagtog ann.jsons when html entities appeared in the text
# (bug found in tagtog prior fix in version 3.2019-W39.x)
# The error only happened if the text contained textual html entities that had to be shown unescaped (e.g. "&"),
# but actually and wrongly were shown as escaped (e.g. "&"). This resulted in both wrong offsets and wrong textual
# annotations.
# The fix consists of transforming the inputted perhaps-wrongly ann.json file (together with its plain.html file) and
# outputting a corrected ann.json file, if indeed any correcting transformation was done.
# You can use this file as a script or as a python module (`from fix_html_entities import fix_anndoc`).
# As a script, the default is to print the transformed annjson (if at all) to standard output. Any other warning
# is printed to stderr. You can redirect the output to an alternative fixed ann.json file, or to the original ann.json file.
# As a module, use `fix_anndoc` in your own python code to your best convenience.
# Finally, optionally you can POST the fixed ann.json files back to tagtog.
# CAUTION: please make sure to BACK UP your ann.json files before you run this script.
import sys
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import re
import json
# import pprint
# pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter()
assert sys.version_info.major == 3 and sys.version_info.minor >= 6, "This script requires >= Python 3.6"
def fix_anndoc(plainhtml_filename, annjson_filename):
:param plainhtml_filename: the path to a plain.html file (only content)
:param annjson_filename: the path to the associated ann.json file with annotations
:return: None if no transformation was done to the original ann.json, otherwise a json string with the new transformed annjson
with open(plainhtml_filename) as plainhtml_file:
plain_html = BeautifulSoup(plainhtml_file, "html.parser")
with open(annjson_filename) as annjson_file:
annjson = json.load(annjson_file)
were_changes_made = False
fixed_entities = []
for part in plain_html.find_all(id=re.compile('^s')):
part_html_string = str(part)
part_entities = [e for e in annjson["entities"] if e["part"] == part["id"]]
# Only change something if we do find a doubled escaped entity in the part
if not"&[#xa-zA-Z0-9]+;", part_html_string):
fixed_entities += part_entities
were_changes_made = True
# Only change something if the part had annotated entities
if part_entities:
part_entities = sorted(part_entities, key=lambda e: e["offsets"][0]["start"])
part_string = part.string
# Get HTML entities in text
html_entities = re.finditer(r"&[#xa-zA-Z0-9]+;", part_string)
adjusted_offset_so_far = 0
adjusted_offset_next = 0
subs = []
for match in html_entities:
adjusted_offset = (len( - 1) # -1 due to the symbol counted before as a single char
adjusted_offset_next += adjusted_offset
sub = {
"actual_start": match.start(),
"actual_end": match.end(),
"adjusted_offset": adjusted_offset,
"adjusted_offset_so_far": adjusted_offset_so_far,
"adjusted_offset_next": adjusted_offset_next,
"wrong_text": BeautifulSoup(, "html.parser").string,
"wrong_start": match.start() - adjusted_offset_so_far,
"wrong_end": match.start() - adjusted_offset_so_far + 1 # +1 due to the symbol written as a single char
adjusted_offset_so_far = adjusted_offset_next
# pp.pprint(subs)
# Rewrite entities' start offset and start
subs_index = 0
adjusted_offset_so_far = 0
for e in part_entities:
wrong_e_start = e["offsets"][0]["start"]
adjusted_start = wrong_e_start
# Rewrite entity start offset --> actual_e_start
while subs_index < len(subs):
sub = subs[subs_index]
if sub["wrong_end"] <= wrong_e_start:
adjusted_offset_so_far += sub["adjusted_offset"]
subs_index += 1
adjusted_start += adjusted_offset_so_far
actual_e_start = adjusted_start
# Rewrite entity text --> actual_e_text, ...
# ... char by char considering that some are correct, and some others must be transformed
wrong_e_text = e["offsets"][0]["text"]
actual_e_text = ""
wrong_char_end = wrong_e_start
for char in iter(wrong_e_text):
sub = subs[subs_index]
except IndexError:
sub = None
wrong_char_end += 1
if sub and sub["wrong_end"] == wrong_char_end:
assert char == sub["wrong_text"]
actual_e_text += sub["actual_text"]
adjusted_offset_so_far += sub["adjusted_offset"]
subs_index += 1
actual_e_text += char
print(f"""WARNING; transforming entity (part={part["id"]}): [{wrong_e_start} {wrong_e_text}] \u2192 [{actual_e_start} {actual_e_text}]""", file=sys.stderr)
# Change entity
e["offsets"][0]["start"] = actual_e_start
e["offsets"][0]["text"] = actual_e_text
fixed_entities += [e]
if were_changes_made:
annjson["entities"] = fixed_entities
annjson = json.dumps(annjson, separators=(',', ':'), ensure_ascii=False)
return annjson
print("Nothing done. Everything seems to be OK with the annjson file:", annjson_filename, file=sys.stderr)
return None
def main():
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print("You have to pass the 2 parameters: plain.html file and ann.json file. Otherwise there is nothing to do. Given parameters:", sys.argv, file=sys.stderr)
plainhtml_filename = sys.argv[1]
annjson_filename = sys.argv[2]
transformed_annjson = fix_anndoc(plainhtml_filename, annjson_filename)
if transformed_annjson:
if __name__ == "__main__":