End-to-End Voice Encryption between Raspberry Pi and PC using AES
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#End to End Voice Encryption between Raspberry pi and PC using AES


1- PC or Laptop has java installed in it.

2- Raspberry pi run Raspbian(already Java is installed in it).

3- External speaker and usb sound card for raspberry pi.

4- USB power supply.

5- Netbeans IDE to compile the source code.


1- Download the zip file which contains two netbeans project one for Rapberry Pi "Securevoice_rpi" and the other "Securevoice" for PC

2- Compile them.

3- Run each jar in its environment and enjoy secure chat.

##System description:

The system consists of two terminals, a PC and a Raspberry PI on same network.

Java provides us a way to capture sound data (Digital) from a mic through TargetDataLine interface. Captured data is saved to a byte buffer array and then the encryption process made on this array using AES algorithm and finally it is sent through the UDP socket to receiver. On the receiver side, the packet is received and converted from encrypted form and sent the voice data to the speaker.

The sending and receiving process is done simultaneously (Full Duplex) and each terminal has parameters (IP and port) as receiver and as transmitter, so pay attention when you assign values of IPs and ports as show in the code Github. Every terminal works as a receiver (RX) server and also as a transmitter (TX) client as shown in the next image.

alt tag

##Test video:


Project page on my website :