Training Yolo on custom dataset to detect Rubik's Cube
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Building a custom object detector using YOLO

In this repository, I put the code and the dataset of my rubik's cube to building a custom object detector to detect rubik's cube using the tiny YOLO v2.

In the next table, I briefly described the contents of this repository.

Name Its Function
Dataset Folder contains the images and annotation files. Training Yolo with our custom dataset. Real-time rubik's cube detector, it reads a stream of frames from the webcam the then detects the rubik's cube in each one. Loading the trained model by the class YoloTrainer and make the detection given an image. Implementation of the non-maximum suppression algorithm to cope the problem of detecting the same object multiple times by the yolo algorithm. Pre-trained model to detect rubik's cube, can be downloaded from here.

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In case you have a GPU, you can uncomment the CUDA dependency in pom.xml file.