(Python) Tornado tool for inspect and found HTTRequest from callback functions or stack frames.
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Tornado Inspector

Tornado tool for inspect and found request object from callback functions or stack frames.

This is useful for finding and logging the HTTPRequest object when an exception occur in async callback. This class also can be used to generate traceback-like string for calls withing tornado.gen framework

Finding the actual request object in async callbacks is a pain, and this is can be done only by inspecting function closures, objects that owning methods, and ...

usage of TornadoContextInspector is simple:

>>> import sys
>>> inspector = TornadoContextInspector()
>>> inspector.inspect_frame(sys.exc_info()[2].tb_frame)
>>> print(inspector.found_req)  # may be None
HTTPRequest(protocol='http', ...)
>>> print(''.join(inspector.format_async_frames()))
  File "file.py", line 32, in func_1
    result = yield gen.Task(self.func_2, foo)
  File "file.py", line 84, in func_2
    yield gen.Task(some_task, bar)


  • six

Running tests

Install pytest then run:

$ py.test

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