Lightweight PHP MVC framework
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Welcome to Blackbird

Blackbird is a lightweight PHP MVC framework, origionally created with inspiration from Ruby on Rails back in 2006.


  • As this framework is very slim and no guides is provided, its expected that you have decent knowledge of PHP.
  • PHP 5.3
  • MySQL (You can switch to another database if you want to)

Getting started

In either your Apache virtual-host or in your .htaccess file, specify which environment to run:

<VirtualHost *:80>

    ServerName blackbird
    DocumentRoot /path-to-blackbird/public

    SetEnv ENVIRONMENT development

    <Directory />
            Order allow,deny
            AllowOverride All
            Allow from all



Blackbird expects a strict relationship between your controllers and your views. This is done to make it easier to setup new controllers and actions, rather than worrying about configuring it.

  • A controller is declared with uppercase-first as such: WelcomeController
  • An action is defined within the controller as a public mehtod with the name of the action.
  • A view file is created in the folder /app/views/[controller]/[action].[format].php - /app/views/welcome/index.html.php

Example welcome controller


class WelcomeController extends ApplicationController {

    public function index() {