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$ cd elixir
$ mix deps.get
$ mix deps.compile
$ mix run elixir_example.exs


Key Required Default Description
embed_url Yes NA Looker relative embed url
session_length No 1800 (30 mins) The login session lenght (validiy of the SSO URL). Default: 15 mins
host Yes NA Looker host
secret Yes NA Looker API secret
user Yes NA A Map of user data (id, first_name, last_name). This will be used to create embed user
permissions No NA A list of looker permissions the embed user should have
models No NA A list of looker models that should be accessible by the embed user
group_ids No NA A list of looker group ids that the embed user should be added
external_group_id No NA External group id for the embed user
user_attributes No NA A Map of user filters/attributes that are applicable for the embed user
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