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Donations to the Tahoe-LAFS project are welcome, and can be made to the following Bitcoin address:


The funds currently available to the project are visible through the blockchain explorer:


The Tahoe-LAFS Software Foundation manages these funds. Our intention is to use them for operational expenses (website hosting, test infrastructure, EC2 instance rental, and SSL certificates). Future uses might include developer summit expenses, bug bounties, contract services (e.g. graphic design for the web site, professional security review of codebases, development of features outside the core competencies of the main developers), and student sponsorships.

The Foundation currently consists of secorp (Peter Secor), warner (Brian Warner), and zooko (Zooko Wilcox).

Transparent Accounting

Our current plan is to leave all funds in the main 1Pxi key until they are spent. For each declared budget item, we will allocate a new public key, and transfer funds to that specific key before distributing them to the ultimate recipient. All expenditures can thus be tracked on the blockchain.

Some day, we might choose to move the funds into a more sophisticated type of key (e.g. a 2-of-3 multisig address). If/when that happens, we will publish the new donation address, and transfer all funds to it. We will continue the plan of keeping all funds in the (new) primary donation address until they are spent.

Expenditure Addresses

This lists the public key used for each declared budget item. The individual payments will be recorded in a separate file (see docs/expenses.rst), which is not signed. All transactions from the main 1Pxi key should be to some key on this list.

  • Initial testing (warner) 1387fFG7Jg1iwCzfmQ34FwUva7RnC6ZHYG one-time 0.01 BTC deposit+withdrawal
  • DNS registration (paid by warner) 1552pt6wpudVCRcJaU14T7tAk8grpUza4D ~$15/yr for DNS
  • SSL certificates (paid by warner) $0-$50/yr, ending 2015 (when we switched to LetsEncrypt) 1EkT8yLvQhnjnLpJ6bNFCfAHJrM9yDjsqa
  • website/dev-server hosting (on Linode, paid by secorp) ~$20-$25/mo, 2007-present 1MSWNt1R1fohYxgaMV7gJSWbYjkGbXzKWu (<= may-2016) 1NHgVsq1nAU9x1Bb8Rs5K3SNtzEH95C5kU (>= jun-2016)
  • 2016 Tahoe Summit expenses: venue rental, team dinners (paid by warner) ~$1020 1DskmM8uCvmvTKjPbeDgfmVsGifZCmxouG
  • Aspiration contract $300k-$350k (first phase, 2019) $800k (second phase, 2020) 1gDXYQNH4kCJ8Dk7kgiztfjNUaA1KJcHv
  • OpenCollective development work (2023) ~$260k 1KZYr8UU2XjuEdSPzn2pF8eRPZZvffByDf

Historical Donation Addresses

The Tahoe project has had a couple of different donation addresses over the years, managed by different people. All of these funds have been (or will be) transferred to the current primary donation address (1Pxi).

  • 13GrdS9aLXoEbcptBLQi7ffTsVsPR7ubWE (21-Aug-2010 - 23-Aug-2010) Managed by secorp, total receipts: 17 BTC
  • 19jzBxijUeLvcMVpUYXcRr5kGG3ThWgx4P (23-Aug-2010 - 29-Jan-2013) Managed by secorp, total receipts: 358.520276 BTC
  • 14WTbezUqWSD3gLhmXjHD66jVg7CwqkgMc (24-May-2013 - 21-Mar-2016) Managed by luckyredhot, total receipts: 3.97784278 BTC stored in 19jXek4HRL54JrEwNPyEzitPnkew8XPkd8
  • 1PxiFvW1jyLM5T6Q1YhpkCLxUh3Fw8saF3 (21-Mar-2016 - present) Managed by warner, backups with others


This document is signed by the Tahoe-LAFS Release-Signing Key (GPG keyid 2048R/68666A7A, fingerprint E34E 62D0 6D0E 69CF CA41 79FF BDE0 D31D 6866 6A7A). It is also committed to the Tahoe source tree ( as docs/donations.rst. Both actions require access to secrets held closely by Tahoe developers.

signed: Brian Warner, 25-Oct-2023


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