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The Attack Defense Tree Tool (ADTool) allows users to model and display attack defense scenarios, through the use of attack defense trees (ADTrees) or an alternative term-based representation of ADTrees called attack defense terms (ADTerms). It supports the methodology developed within the ATREES project Since attack trees, protection trees, and defense trees are formally instances of attack defense trees, the ADTool can also be employed to automate and facilitate the usage of all aforementioned formalisms. Furthermore, the ADTool allows to perform quantitative analyses on ADTrees/ADTerms. This means that a user is able to answer questions such as: What are the costs of an attack, what is the minimal skill level required for the attacker, how long does it take to implement all necessary defenses or who is the winner of the considered attack defense scenario, and many others. Recently the tool have been extended with posibility to model using Sequential Attack Trees.

In short:

  • The ADTool allows the user to model attack defense scenarios using ADTrees and ADTerms.
  • The ADTool allows the user to perform quantitative analyses on ADTrees/ADTerms.


ADTool is written in java. In order to compile the source code a Maven tool is necessary. After you have downloaded and installed maven tool:

  • clone the github repository: (git clone git://
  • goto project directory (cd project)
  • compile using maven (mvn package)
  • after successful compilation there should be new directory target with ADTool-2.2-full.jar among other files
  • run the tool using command java -jar target/ADTool-2.2-full.jar

The latest compiled jar file can be downloaded from here - look in Download section.