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Library and command to control moRFeus mixer/signal generator
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LICENSE - Python API for moRFeus mixer/signal generator

MoRFeus is a mixer/signal generator produced by the Othernet Inc.

This API allows you to control various parameters of the moRFeus over USB HID API, such as mixer/generator mode control and output/mixer LO frequency.

No official doc on HID protocol is yet released, so this library is created based on information found on the Othernet forum:

Some features were also discovered by trial-and-error.

API Usage

Using the API is quite easy. All parameters can be accessed as property variables, so all you need is to read/write each property variable directly:

import morfeus

mrf = morfeus.MoRFeus()
mrf.mode = morfeus.Mode.MIXER
mrf.frequency = 120000000
mrf.bias = 0
mrf.current = 1

CLI Usage

This library also comes with morfeus(1) command for an easy access to the device over CLI. Usage is also easy as the API:

$ morfeus mode
$ morfeus mode GENERATOR
$ morfeus frequency 120000000
$ morfeus bias 0
$ morfeus current 0


$ pip install morfeus

Supported Platforms

It has been tested on all Linux, OSX, and Windows platforms, with one caveat that it's not clear where and how to get morfeus(1) command installed on Windows automatically.


This library depends on following runtime and libraries:

  • Python3 (as it uses recent Python3 features)
  • hidapi (cython-hidapi and underlying platform-dependent hidapi library)
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