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mvn hack

mvnhack can download libraries from maven2 repositories without maven2. download mvnhack here.


JavaSE 6(tested by 1.6.0_17) or more

Basic Usage

java -jar mvnhack.jar [groupId] [artifactId] [version] flat=[on/off] dest=[path]
  • groupId
    • if groupId and artifactId has same id, you skip this.
  • artifactId
    • target library's artifactId.
  • version
    • target library's version
  • flat
    • default is on.
    • if you want to get own your local repository only. switch to off.
  • dest
    • destination directry.
    • default is execution directory.

Yaml based dependency resolving

java -jar mvnhack.jar [yml]
  • yaml
    • get libraries based on yaml. skip this and current dir contains dependencies.yml then use that file.

More Options

VM Arguments

  • proxy
  • repository
    • comma separated maven2 remote/local additional repository URLs.

Implicit Repositories

  • if execution directory has directory that name is repository, use as local repository.
  • if directory of user.home has m2/repository, use it.
  • maven central repository


java -jar mvnhack-0.0.2.jar commons-httpclient 2.0.2

you get commons-httpclient-2.0.2.jar ,commons-logging-1.0.3.jar and some source.jars into execution directory.

in this case,

  • groupId is skipped
  • artifactId is commons-httpclient
  • version is 2.0.2
  • you will be get two kind of artifacts, because commons-httpclient depends commons-logging.

java -jar mvnhack-0.0.2.jar org.slf4j slf4j-simple 1.4.3 flat=off dest=./foo

you get slf4j-simple-1.4.3.jar ,slf4j-api-1.4.3.jar and some source.jars into execution directory.

in this case,

  • groupId is org.slf4j
  • artifactId is slf4j-simple
  • version is 1.4.3
  • flat is off
  • destination jars are under ./foo with repository structures.
  • you will be get two kind of artifacts, because slf4j-simple depends slf4j-api.

java -Dproxy= -Drepository=, -jar mvnhack-0.0.2.jar commons-httpclient 2.0.2

this case, use HTTP proxy access to remote repositories and use addtional repository.

dependencies written in yaml

dependencies.yml example:

flatten : true
destination : ./lib
proxy :
http.nonProxyHosts : localhost

repositories :

dependencies :
  - org.yaml snakeyaml 1.8

this case

override 4 parameters.

  • flatten override flat.
  • destination override dest.
  • proxy and http.nonProxyHosts override JVM environment

and use 2 external repositories.

and define dependency.

dependencies are whitespace separated string sequence contains 2 or 3 value like basic usage.

you want to know any other yaml syntax. read YAML_syntax

this software under Apache License 2.0