the web framework to provide dom component
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the web framework to provide dom component


See doc/ for the document. Both English and Chinese document are provided.

中文文档: 请看 doc/Chinese/ 文件夹。

download and install

npm install --save domcom

or use the cdn provided by (replace "x.y.z" with the real version number):

`<script src=""/>`


  • declarative composable components with reactive function

  • only render the invalidated components and refresh the really changed dom nodes with better automatic update status checking

  • decouple with model and controller completely

  • simple but powerful route

  • convenient support for promise

  • never pollute the dom because of the framework itself

  • good browser compatiblity, even with IE 6, 7, 8

  • no dependencies, no polyfill, no immutable data, no companion libraries is necessary

  • no necessary to use any template language


There is some samples, and a todoMVC implementation.

The code below give a taste of domcom:

In javascript:

// Although it's not necessary, 
// but I recommend to use some tool like babel to support ES6, especially destructive syntax

const {list, text, p, flow, see} = dc

// otherwise you need write the the code like below, it's not an ideal method:
// var demoSum, flow, list, p, see, text;​
// list = dc.list, text = dc.text, p = dc.p, flow = dc.flow, see = dc.see;
demoSum = function() {
  var a, b, comp, p1, t1, t2;

  a$ = see(1);
  b$ = see(2);

  comp = list((t1 = text({
    value: a$,
    onchange(event, node) { return a$(node.value * 1); } // ES 6

    // onchange: function(event, node) { return a$(node.value * 1) } // ES5

  })), (t2 = text({
    value: b$,
    onchange(event, node) { return b$(node.value * 1); } // ES 6

    // onchange: function(event, node) { return b$(node.value * 1);}  // ES5

  })), p1 = p(flow.add(a$, b$)));

  p1.renderWhen([t1, t2], 'change');

  return comp.mount();

​ In coffee-script(recommended):

{list, text, p, flow, see} = dc

demoSum = ->

    a$ = see 1; b$ = see 2

    comp = list \
        (t1 = text value: a$, onchange: (event, node) -> a$ node.value*1),
        (t2 = text value: b$, onchange: (event, node) -> b$ node.value*1),
        p1 = p flow.add a$, b$

    p1.renderWhen [t1, t2], 'change'




MIT, see LICENSE ok.