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Example of how to use KrakenD with a custom martian modifier and api2html to render mustache templates.
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My first fullstack MVP

This is the example used in this blog post.

Can be used as simple example of how to run KrakenD and api2html too.

Marvel API key

You need an Marvel comics API Key to run this example:

Once you have your own API Key, configure the extra_config section in the krakend.json config file.

Build KrakenD and api2html

You need docker to make this example work as is (everything is compiled using docker, you don't need go)

make build_krakend
make build_api2html

This will generate 2 docker containers:

  • devopsfaith/krakend:custom
  • devopsfaith/api2html:latest

Running the example

You can run a docker-compose up to bring the system up.


curl -i http://localhost:8081/character/Wolverine
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