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Inventory row cycling mod for Minetest
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Inventory cycle for Minetest

Mechanism and item to cycle through rows of inventory.

Cycles rows of inventory upwards/downwards into the top row - access different lines of your inventory without opening the inventory screen!

cycle your inventory


  • Hold both the sprint and sneak buttons (typically E and Shift) to cycle through rows repeatedly
    • By default, every 1 second
      • configurable per player via /icycler period <N>
    • The key combination can be changed in server configuration, see settings below


You can also craft and use a cycling tool to explicitly cycle through rows on-click. It is more precise than the keypress based method (which can be affected by lag), but requires to change wielded item to use.

  • Left-click move rows upward.
    • The active (top) row becomes the bottom row, and each other row is moved up
    • Items in the same column as the cycler tool do not get moved
  • Right-click when pointing at a node, or drop (Q), to move rows downward

The inventory cycling tool can be made by combining three block types, in a diagonal pattern:

t = group:tree - any tree trunk
a = group:sand - any sand
o = group:stone - any stone 

[t] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [a] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [o]


[ ] [ ] [t]
[ ] [a] [ ]
[o] [ ] [ ]


  • inventory_cycler.default_player_cycle_interval Player inventory cycle invterval (how fast, in seconds, to switch through rows) - default 1
  • inventory_cycler.must_stand_still - whether the player must stand still to cycle, or if can be moving at the same time - default true
  • inventory_cycler.default_global_cycle_interval - Global step interval (performance related, player cycle interval should be a multiple of this) - default 0.5
  • inventory.cycler.required_controls - controls that must be held to trigger cycling, default aux1,sneak which are typically E and <Shift>
  • inventory.cycler.forbidden_controls - controls of which none should be helo, if cycling is intended. Default is empty.


  • Code: (C) 2019 Tai "DuCake" Kedzierski
    • Provided un der the terms of the LGPLv3
  • Media: (C) 2019 Tai "DuCake" Kedzierski
    • Provided under the terms of CC-BY-SA-4.0
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