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CBZ Comic Downloader

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Download comics from the web and save them as CBZ files for reading. Ideal for loading up a tablet and offline reading.

CBZ Downloader is a lightly extensible comic downloader, that can assemble comic pages by chapter into CBZ files for use in comic readers, available for desktop and mobile.


  • Extensible base to operate on many web comic hosting sites
    • base object's API provides a number of convenience functions for parsing HTML source
  • Creates standardized ZIP/deflate-based CBZ files for individual chapters
  • Suport for installation and use on Termux GNU/Linux environment for Android

Supported sites

This is the list of sites cbzdl knows how to download from. The author's main interest is manga hence the heavy manga-oriented support, but any comic hosting site should be supportable.

  • Mangakakalot (including
  • MangaFox (
  • MangaHere (
  • (similar name to above, but different site)


You will need Python 3 and pip3

Linux, Mac

On *nix systems, open a Terminal session and run

git clone
cd cbz-downloader

./ all
. ~/.bashrc

and the cbzdl command will be available to you.

You can update the engine or modules individually by running one of

./install engine
./install modules


These are instructions for setting up a CygWin *nix compatbility layer and installing cbzdl to that. Using native Windows python and creating a globally usable command is beyond this author's knowledge.

Install cygwin with the following packages

  • python3
  • pip/setup tools
  • git

Then open a cygwin session and run

git clone
cd cbz-downloader

You should now be able to use cbzdl from the cygwin command line, whilst in any folder.


Two run modes:

# Download a comic
cbzdl URL [-s START] [-e END] [-d DELAY]

# Check for prior failures and exit
cbzdl URL -f

# list installed modules
cbzdl modules

Simply provide a base URL to download from (front page for the comic) - e.g.


To you can specify a start chapter, and end chapter (both optional, as ints or floats)

cbzdl -s 1 -e 2

URL can be literally a URL, or the folder containing the chapters previously downloaded.

If you have already downloaded the comic from the specified URL, and you do not specify a start chapter, cbzdl starts again from the last chapter successully downloaded.

By default, cbzdl will wait a few seconds between fetching two images (some sites throttle heavy downloaders), depending on the module's recommended delay. You can set the delay manually by providing a -d DELAY argument, where DELAY is an integer, of how long to pause between page downloads.

You can list available modules by running

cbzdl modules


See module writing notes

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