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Yet another tiling window manager
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Tilenol is a tiling manager. It's similar in look and feel to qtile, but has much different implementation and configuration.


  • Tiling WM, includes floating window support

  • Written in pure python, simple small and extensible

  • Configured with yaml files

  • Includes hooks for python code if needed

  • Supports multiple screens, with auto-update

  • It's reparenting WM (so works with Java)

  • Includes asynchronous main loop so no widgets can block entire WM

  • Includes dmenu-like thing:

    • Starts instantly without skipping first few keystrokes
    • Some fuzzy matching is implemented, search not only with a prefix
  • Has rich window classification rules to make windows floating and to put them into right places

  • Tabs for window navigation (works for any layout)


  • python3
  • python-greenlet
  • xcb-proto (package containing /usr/share/xcb/*.xml)
  • zorro (
  • pycairo from git (git://
  • python-yaml


Tilenol includes pure-python implementation of xcb, so only xml files are needed


After installing python package. You may want to copy examples/*.yaml into /etc/xdg/tilenol or ~/.config/tilenol before starting, as tilenol is non-functional without a configuration.

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