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`+` is scheduled before 1.0 release
`-` definitely not blocks 1.0 release (but still may be done)
+ Add error pages for http polling
- Review ws.js, limit number of requests, introduce queue, data batching
- Implement pseudo peer-to-peer communication support (?)
+ Make Push by default (probably in the 0.6 or 1.0)
* implement directory index
* implement cache
+ Check EINTR in all zmq_send
+ Check what happens on ECONNRESET, EPIPE
+ Check working server with ZMQ_HWM's set on sockets
- Implement fallback routes
+ Maintainance page
+ Allowed methods, and max-body-size
+ Add access logging
- Authentication and simple authorization
* Configuration reloading
- Add server name-version header
- Configuration of zeromq devices in zerogw config
- Figure out how to implement SDCH
- Replace ugly offsetof's to SHIFT macro
- Add another kind of forwarding (pushing) requests for statistics