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Network communication library based on greenlets, with zeromq and redis support
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This is mostly networking library. It implements main loop based on greenlets. Mostly suitable for servers of some kind.

API's implemented so far:

  • Zeromq
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Mongo
  • HTTP/HTTPS (client)
  • DNS (async)


  • Only for Python3 (works with 3.2, needs 3.3 for zorro.web)
  • Full set of synchronisation primitives (incl. Futures, Lock, Conditions...)
  • Pipelining for all network protocols
  • Pure python implementation (still outperforms C implementations for many tasks because of pipelining)
  • Basic web framework for zerogw
  • Pluggable polling mechanisms


from zorro import Hub

hub = Hub()
def main():
    # setup other coroutines here

Basic zmq replier example. Each reply will get it's own microthread:

from zorro import Hub, zmq

def replier(preference,*other_multipart_args):
    if preference == b'binary':
        return b'hello'
    elif preference == b'unicode':
        return 'hello' # same as above, encoded in 'utf-8'
    elif preference == b'tuple':
        return 'hello', 'world' # two parts will be sent
        # exeption will be logged, but reply is not sent
        # so you must timeout on the other side
        # other requests will be ok (we use ZMQ_XREP actually)
        raise ValueError(preference)

hub = Hub()
def main():
    sock = zmq.rep_socket(replier)

Some advanced redis usage example:

from zorro import Hub, redis, Future
from functools import partial

hub = Hub()
redis = redis.Redis()

def getkey(index):
    # Semi-parallel requests will be pipelined so it's quite fast
    a = redis.execute('INCR', 'test:{0}'.format(index-1), 1)
    redis.execute('DECR', 'test:{0}'.format(index+1), a)
    return int(redis.execute('GET', 'test:{0}'.format(index)))
def main():
    futures = [Future(partial(getkey, i)) for i in range(100)]
    print("TOTAL", sum(f.get() for f in futures))
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