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A Clojure REPL bot for Atlassian HipChat
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hiprepl usage


  • Install Leiningen.
  • Install a ~/.java.policy like this one.
  • Create a HipChat user for your bot.
  • Log in as the bot user and visit this page.
  • Copy example_config.clj to resources/config.clj and modify it using details from that page. All keys are required. Note that the elements in the :rooms set are XMPP room names, not the normal room names (you can find them on that page).
  • lein run
  • Evaluate Clojure expressions in the room by prefixing them with a comma, like: ,(+ 1 2)


Big ups to Zach Kim for his xmpp-clj project, on which much of this code is based.

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