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; Copyright (c) Alan Dipert and Micha Niskin. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns tailrecursion.javelin-demos.frequencies
[tailrecursion.javelin.macros :refer [cell]])
[tailrecursion.javelin-demos.dom :refer [html! aset-in by-id form-cell]]
[tailrecursion.priority-map :refer [priority-map]]))
(defn sentence
"Returns of string of the elements of xs interleaved with commas or
'and' as appropriate."
[[x1 x2 & _ :as xs]]
(case (count xs)
0 ""
1 (str x1)
2 (str x1 " and " x2)
(str (apply str (interpose ", " (butlast xs))) " and " (last xs))))
(defn histogram!
"Inserts a table-based histogram in the element id-or-elem backed by
the priority map pmap."
[id-or-elem pmap & {:keys [bar-color bar-width bar-height]
:or {bar-color "navy", bar-width 30, bar-height 200}}]
(let [parent (by-id id-or-elem)
table (.createElement js/document "table")
bars (.createElement js/document "tr")
values (.createElement js/document "tr")
max (second (first (rseq pmap)))
scale-height (fn [n] (* (/ bar-height max) n))]
(aset-in table ["style" "width"] "auto")
(aset-in table ["style" "textAlign"] "center")
(set! (.-innerHTML parent) "")
(doseq [[n v] (into (sorted-map) pmap)]
(let [bar-td (.createElement js/document "td")
bar-div (.createElement js/document "div")
val-td (.createElement js/document "td")]
(aset-in bar-td ["style" "verticalAlign"] "bottom")
(aset-in bar-div ["style" "width"] (str bar-width "px"))
(aset-in bar-div ["style" "height"] (str (scale-height v) "px"))
(aset-in bar-div ["style" "backgroundColor"] bar-color)
(aset-in bar-div ["style" "margin"] "auto")
(aset-in bar-div ["innerHTML"] "&nbsp")
(aset-in val-td ["innerHTML"] (str n))
(.appendChild bar-td bar-div)
(.appendChild bars bar-td)
(.appendChild values val-td)))
(.appendChild table bars)
(.appendChild table values)
(.appendChild parent table)))
(defn ^:export start []
(let [;; user input
rand-max (form-cell "#rand-max" :type :int, :default 10, :triggers #{"change"})
slider (form-cell "#ms" :type :int, :default 500)
interval (cell (if (neg? slider) slider (- 1000 slider)))
;; stem cell
freqs (cell '(priority-map (rand-int @rand-max) 1))
;; analysis
n-seen (cell (->> freqs vals (reduce +)))
n-even (cell (->> freqs (filter (comp even? first)) (map second) (reduce +)))
%-even (cell (->> n-seen (/ n-even) (* 100) (.round js/Math)))
most-frequent (cell (->> (rseq freqs)
(partition-by second)
(map first)
least-frequent (cell (key (peek freqs)))
n-distinct (cell (count freqs))]
;; add random numbers to stem cell
((fn self []
(swap! freqs update-in [(rand-int @rand-max)] (fnil inc 1))
(.setTimeout js/window self @interval)))
;; display
(cell (html! "#status" "%s (interval is %s milliseconds)"
(if (neg? interval) "Stopped" "Running")
(cell (html! "#most-frequent" "%s" most-frequent))
(cell (html! "#n-seen" "%s" n-seen))
(cell (html! "#percent-even" "%s%" %-even))
(cell (html! "#least-frequent" "%s" least-frequent))
(cell (html! "#n-distinct" "%s" n-distinct))
(cell (histogram! "#histogram" freqs
:bar-color "navy",
:bar-width 20,
:bar-height 100))))
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