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Adds --no-comments option to CLI init command #558

merged 4 commits into from Sep 25, 2018


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commented Sep 25, 2018

Fixes: #543

Different kinds of comments

--no-comments removes most comments but not all. Line comments are preserved.


What about important block comments

Currently, there are no such comments in the configuration stub but if a need for a persistent block comment arises it can be achieved like this:

  This is a very important comment

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commented Sep 25, 2018

Nice! Are you up for writing a couple of tests just for the stripBlockComments function that actually test string in -> string out with some example content so we have a bit more confidence vs. just checking that the output doesn't contain comment delimiters? I'm sure it works but would be nice to have for regression coverage down the road.

@adamwathan adamwathan merged commit c4c36b9 into tailwindcss:master Sep 25, 2018

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continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

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commented Sep 25, 2018

Awesome, thanks @MattStypa!

@MattStypa MattStypa deleted the MattStypa:init-no-comments branch Sep 25, 2018

naknode added a commit to delaford/website that referenced this pull request Nov 1, 2018

Update tailwindcss to the latest version 🚀 (#13)
## The devDependency [tailwindcss]( was updated from `0.6.6` to `0.7.0`.
This version is **not covered** by your **current version range**.

If you don’t accept this pull request, your project will work just like it did before. However, you might be missing out on a bunch of new features, fixes and/or performance improvements from the dependency update.


<summary>Release Notes for v0.7.0</summary>

<li><a href="#new-features">New Features</a>
<li><a href="#registering-new-variants-from-plugins">Registering new variants from plugins</a></li>
<li><a href="#variant-order-can-be-customized-per-module">Variant order can be customized per module</a></li>
<li><a href="#added-focus-within-variant">Added <code>focus-within</code> variant</a></li>
<li><a href="#fancy-cli-updates">Fancy CLI updates</a></li>
<li><a href="#option-to-generate-config-without-comments">Option to generate config without comments</a></li>
<li><a href="#make-configured-prefix-optional-when-using-apply">Make configured prefix optional when using <code>@apply</code></a></li>
<li><a href="#improve-flexbox-behavior-in-ie">Improve Flexbox behavior in IE 10/11</a></li>
<li><a href="#changes">Changes</a>
<li><a href="#variant-order-in-modules-config-is-now-significant">Variant order in modules is now significant</a></li>
<li><a href="#normalize-updated-to-8">Normalize.css updated to v8.0.0</a></li>
<li><a href="#removed-css-fix-for-chrome-62-button-border-radius-change">Removed CSS fix for Chrome 62 button border radius change</a></li>
<p><a name="user-content-new-features"></a></p>
<h2>New Features</h2>
<p><a name="user-content-registering-new-variants-from-plugins"></a></p>
<h3>Registering new variants from plugins (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/505/hovercard">#505</a>)</h3>
<p><em>(Introduced as an experiment in <a href="">v0.6.2</a>, now promoted to an official feature)</em></p>
<p>Plugins can now add their own variants (like <code>hover</code>, <code>focus</code>, <code>group-hover</code>, etc.) to Tailwind.</p>
<p>To get started, destructure the new <code>addVariant</code> function from the object passed to your plugin, and call it with the name of the variant you'd like to add and a callback that can be used to manipulate the PostCSS nodes where the variant is being applied:</p>
<div class="highlight highlight-source-js"><pre><span class="pl-c1">module</span>.<span class="pl-smi">exports</span> <span class="pl-k">=</span> {
  plugins<span class="pl-k">:</span> [
    <span class="pl-k">function</span>({ addVariant }) {
      <span class="pl-en">addVariant</span>(<span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>important<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, ({ container }) <span class="pl-k">=&gt;</span> {
        <span class="pl-smi">container</span>.<span class="pl-en">walkRules</span>(<span class="pl-smi">rule</span> <span class="pl-k">=&gt;</span> {
          <span class="pl-smi">rule</span>.<span class="pl-smi">selector</span> <span class="pl-k">=</span> <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">`</span>.<span class="pl-cce">\\</span>!<span class="pl-s1"><span class="pl-pse">${</span><span class="pl-smi">rule</span>.<span class="pl-smi">selector</span>.<span class="pl-c1">slice</span>(<span class="pl-c1">1</span>)<span class="pl-pse">}</span></span><span class="pl-pds">`</span></span>
          <span class="pl-smi">rule</span>.<span class="pl-en">walkDecls</span>(<span class="pl-smi">decl</span> <span class="pl-k">=&gt;</span> {
            <span class="pl-smi">decl</span>.<span class="pl-smi">important</span> <span class="pl-k">=</span> <span class="pl-c1">true</span>
<p>Documentation is coming soon, but for now learn more in <a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/505/hovercard">the pull request</a>.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-variant-order-can-be-customized-per-module"></a></p>
<h3>Variant order can be customized per module (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/505/hovercard">#505</a>)</h3>
<p><em>(Introduced as an experiment in <a href="">v0.6.2</a>, now promoted to an official feature)</em></p>
<p>Variants are now generated in the order that they are specified in the <code>modules</code> section of your config file, rather than in a hard-coded static order like in previous versions of Tailwind.</p>
<p>That means that if you want <code>focus</code> variants to defeat <code>hover</code> variants for background colors, but you want the opposite behavior for border colors, you can actually do that now by specifying the order in your config:</p>
<div class="highlight highlight-source-js"><pre><span class="pl-smi">modules</span>.<span class="pl-smi">exports</span> <span class="pl-k">=</span> {
  <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
  modules<span class="pl-k">:</span> {
    <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
    backgroundColors<span class="pl-k">:</span> [<span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>responsive<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>hover<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>focus<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>],
    <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
    borderColors<span class="pl-k">:</span> [<span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>responsive<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>focus<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>hover<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>],
    <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
<p>Note that this doesn't affect <code>responsive</code> variants — those are a special case since responsive versions are also generated for other variants, and we group responsive declarations to optimize the resulting CSS.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-added-focus-within-variant"></a></p>
<h3>Added <code>focus-within</code> variant (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/463/hovercard">#463</a>)</h3>
<p>Tailwind now includes a <code>focus-within</code> variant that you can use to change how an element is styled if an element <em>inside</em> of it has focus.</p>
<div class="highlight highlight-text-html-basic"><pre>&lt;<span class="pl-ent">div</span> <span class="pl-e">class</span>=<span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">"</span>focus-within:shadow-lg<span class="pl-pds">"</span></span>&gt;
  &lt;<span class="pl-ent">label</span>&gt;
    &lt;<span class="pl-ent">span</span>&gt;Email&lt;/<span class="pl-ent">span</span>&gt;
    &lt;<span class="pl-ent">input</span> <span class="pl-e">type</span>=<span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">"</span>email<span class="pl-pds">"</span></span>&gt;
  &lt;/<span class="pl-ent">label</span>&gt;
&lt;/<span class="pl-ent">div</span>&gt;</pre></div>
<p><a href="" rel="nofollow">Learn about the <code>:focus-within</code> pseudo-class on MDN</a></p>
<p>By default we don't generate <code>focus-within</code> variants for any utilities, but you can change this in the modules section your Tailwind configuration file.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-fancy-cli-updates"></a></p>
<h3>Fancy CLI updates (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/554/hovercard">#554</a>)</h3>
<p>Tailwind 0.7.0 includes a completely rewritten CLI tool with nicer output and a better user experience.</p>
<p><a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""><img src="" alt="" style="max-width:100%;"></a></p>
<p>All of the existing functionality is still there with the same API, it just looks better.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-option-to-generate-config-without-comments"></a></p>
<h3>Option to generate config without comments (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/558/hovercard">#558</a>)</h3>
<p>You can now use the <code>--no-comments</code> option when running <code>tailwind init</code> to generate a config file that excludes all of the inline documentation comments.</p>
<p>This is a great way to make your config file easier to skim if you're an experienced Tailwind user who doesn't need the comments.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-make-configured-prefix-optional-when-using-apply"></a></p>
<h3>Make configured prefix optional when using <code>@apply</code> (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/553/hovercard">#553</a>)</h3>
<p>If you're <a href="" rel="nofollow">prefixing</a> your generated utilities, including that prefix when using <code>@apply</code> is now optional.</p>
<div class="highlight highlight-source-css"><pre><span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">/*</span> Before <span class="pl-c">*/</span></span>
<span class="pl-e">.my-component</span> {
  @<span class="pl-c1">apply</span> <span class="pl-c1">tw-bg-blue</span> <span class="pl-c1">tw-text-white</span> <span class="pl-c1">tw-font-bold</span>;

<span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">/*</span> Now <span class="pl-c">*/</span></span>
<span class="pl-e">.my-component</span> {
  @<span class="pl-c1">apply</span> <span class="pl-c1">bg-blue</span> <span class="pl-c1">text-white</span> <span class="pl-c1">font-bold</span>;
<p>You can continue to use the prefix if you like, or drop it if you prefer a terser syntax.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-improve-flexbox-behavior-in-ie"></a></p>
<h3>Improve Flexbox behavior in IE 10/11 (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/550/hovercard">#550</a>)</h3>
<p>IE 10 and 11 interpret the shorthand <code>flex</code> property differently than other browsers.</p>
<p>Tailwind now specifies explicit grow, shrink, and basis values for the <code>flex-1</code>, <code>flex-auto</code>, and <code>flex-initial</code> utilities for a more consistent cross-browser experience.</p>
<p><a href="">Learn more at the flexbugs repo</a> (bugs <a href="">#4</a> and <a href="">#6</a> specifically)</p>
<p><a name="user-content-changes"></a></p>
<p><a name="user-content-variant-order-in-modules-config-is-now-significant"></a></p>
<h3>Variant order in modules config is now significant (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/505/hovercard">#505</a>)</h3>
<p><em>Impact: Low, Effort: Low</em></p>
<p>Prior to 0.7.0, variants were always generated in the same order, regardless of the order specified in the <code>modules</code> section of your config file.</p>
<p>Now, variants are generated in the they are specified. That means that if your config file currently lists variants in a different order than the &lt;=0.6.6 default variant order, those variants will appear in a different order in your CSS.</p>
<p>To preserve the &lt;=0.6.6 behavior, simply edit the <code>modules</code> section of your config file to make sure your variants are listed in the following order:</p>
<div class="highlight highlight-source-js"><pre><span class="pl-smi">modules</span>.<span class="pl-smi">exports</span> <span class="pl-k">=</span> {
  <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
  modules<span class="pl-k">:</span> {
    <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
    [anyModule]<span class="pl-k">:</span> [<span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>group-hover<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>hover<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>focus-within<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>focus<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>, <span class="pl-s"><span class="pl-pds">'</span>active<span class="pl-pds">'</span></span>]
    <span class="pl-c"><span class="pl-c">//</span> ...</span>
<p><a name="user-content-normalize-updated-to-8"></a></p>
<h3>Normalize.css updated to v8.0.0 (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/537/hovercard">#537</a>)</h3>
<p><em>Impact: Low, Effort: Low</em></p>
<p>We've updated our dependency on <a href="">Normalize.css</a> from 7.0.0 to 8.0.0.</p>
<p>This drops support for very old browsers like IE9, Android 4.3, Safari 8, and iOS Safari 7-8.</p>
<p>If you still need to support those browsers, remove <code>@tailwind preflight</code> from your CSS, add Normalize.css 7.0.0 to your project, and manually add our <a href="">additional preflight base styles</a>.</p>
<p><a name="user-content-removed-css-fix-for-chrome-62-button-border-radius-change"></a></p>
<h3>Removed CSS fix for Chrome 62 button border radius change (<a href="" data-hovercard-type="pull_request" data-hovercard-url="/tailwindcss/tailwindcss/pull/579/hovercard">#579</a>)</h3>
<p><em>Impact: Low, Effort: Low</em></p>
<p>When Chrome 62 was released, it introduced a user agent stylesheet change that added a default border radius to all buttons.</p>
<p>This messed up styles for like half of the internet (including sites like GitHub itself), so Chrome reverted the change in Chrome 63.</p>
<p>We included a fix for this in Tailwind with the intention to remove it when Chrome 62 was no longer in common use. Now that usage has dropped to 0.09%, we've removed our fix.</p>
<p>If this is a problem for you <em>(it isn't)</em>, you can add <a href="">the removed styles</a> back to your project right after <code>@tailwind preflight</code>.</p>

<p>The new version differs by 60 commits ahead by 60, behind by 2.</p>
<li><a href=""><code>4f5ad90</code></a> <code>0.7.0</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>1e8a70b</code></a> <code>Promote pluginVariants from experiment to feature</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>58f10b6</code></a> <code>Update lockfile</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>35f8dd6</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #579 from Ambyjkl/master</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>331454f</code></a> <code>Undo CSS override for Chrome 62</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>7120a89</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #576 from motleydev/master</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>55f8207</code></a> <code>Fix apostrophe in error</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>335c1b1</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #573 from willemvb/patch-1</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>8dab134</code></a> <code>Update defaultConfig.stub.js</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>7c9029a</code></a> <code>Update Slack invite link</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>c4c36b9</code></a> <code>Merge pull request #558 from MattStypa/init-no-comments</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>34ad504</code></a> <code>Added tests for CLI utils</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>dbeeea4</code></a> <code>Added ability to protect comments when --no-comments options is use for CLI init command</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>48387a8</code></a> <code>Switched to use strip-comments instead of Babel for CLI init command</code></li>
<li><a href=""><code>9e26fd8</code></a> <code>CLI. Added --no-comments option to init commend</code></li>
<p>There are 60 commits in total.</p>
<p>See the <a href="">full diff</a></p>

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