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Note: This project is deprecated. It was never a very good starter for real projects since you don't want your CSS framework to dictate your starter webpack setup — better to use vue-cli, create-react-app, etc.

We recommend using the tailwindcss/playground starter if you just want a simple project for playing around with Tailwind and PostCSS.

Tailwind CSS Webpack Starter Project

This is an example of a super simple Webpack setup for using Tailwind CSS.

To get started, clone the project and install the dependencies:

# Using npm
npm install

# Using Yarn

After that, start up Webpack Development Server:

npm run dev

Webpack Development Server will watch /src/styles.css and /tailwind.js and rebuild your stylesheet on every change.

You can play around with /index.html to see the effects of your changes.

To build a production bundle run:

npm run prod

After that you will have a ready to deploy bundle at /dist


Have a lot of experience with Webpack and suggestions on how we could improve this starter template? We'd love a PR!


A quick and simple example of using Tailwind CSS with Webpack.




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