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Tailwind Toolbox - Ghostwind

Ghostwind Template is a clone of the Casper theme for Ghost created in Tailwind CSS by Tailwind Toolbox.

Ghostwind Home Page


Click here to preview the homepage

Click here to preview the blog post | Vue version

Looking for a dark mode version? Check it out here - image

Getting Started

Choose one of the following options to get started:

Using the Template

The template is just a HTML file using a full CDN hosted Tailwind CSS file.

To get the best out of Tailwind CSS, you need to really start customising it. Take a look at our setup guide to start tweaking!

Bugs and Issues

Have a bug or an issue with this template? Open a new issue here on GitHub.


Tailwind Toolbox was created by and is maintained by Amrit Nagi, Co-owner of Astrava.Solutions.

Tailwind Toolbox is based on the Tailwind CSS framework created by Adam Wathan, Jonathan Reinink, David Hemphill and Steve Schoger


Thanks for all the tips and PR's and Vue version

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018-2019 Astrava.Solutions Ltd. Code released under the MIT license.