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** This is the development repository of a new version of Tainacan. If you are looking for the current stable version, please visit http://github.com/medialab-ufg/tainacan. **

Tainacan is a WordPress plugin to build digital repositories. Manage and publish digital collections of any kind.

In this repository, we are building a new version of tainacan. The package will be composed of a WordPress plugin (this repository) and a WordPress Theme. More details of the architecture will be added here soon.

We plan to mantain this repository well documented to encourage early testers and contributors, so feel free to try it.

First, get to know the key concepts of tainacan and what it does. After that you may want to learn how to set up your local enviroment.

We are still in early stages of development, and any help, feedback or contribution is welcome. Please drop us a line opening an issue or via one of our communication channels:

  • twitter: @tainacan_l3p