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What is Tainacan?


Get to know Tainacan with our introduction video.

Tainacan is a software solution for building, managing and publishing digital repositories of any kind on WordPress. Manage and publish you digital collections as easily as publishing a post to your blog, while having all the tools of a professional repository platform. It is composed of a WordPress plugin, which is being developed on this repository, and an optional companion WordPress theme especially designed to produce beautiful digital exhibits. Try it out!


Easy installation. As a WordPress plugin, Tainacan can be easily installed on and integrated to an existing WordPress website.

Metadata and filters. Use a metadata standard or choose whatever set of metadata you want to describe the items in your collections. You can choose which metadata will be used as a filter when browsing the collection.

Faceted search. Browse your collection (and let the public browse it) using a faceted search interface with the filters you have chosen.

Manage taxonomies. Manage vocabularies that can be used accross all your collections.

Themes. Tainacan has its own default theme, which helps you present your collections in a beautiful and effective way as it is developed to incorporate all of Tainacan functionalities. However, it will also work with any WordPress theme. For developers, it will be easy to add Tainacan specific features to an existing theme.

API and interoperability. Tainacan implements a RESTful API (read and write) to allow other applications to interact with your repository. Expose you collection in different formats, such as JSON, JSON-LD and OAI-PMH. If your collection uses a custom standard, you can map it to well-known stardards such as DublinCore.


Check out the digital exhibits from Museu do Índio and Museu Histórico Nacional to see Tainacan in action!


In addition to our documentation and instructional videos, we provide technical support on our mailing list in English, Portuguese and Spanish. You are welcome to send all of your questions!


Please refer to our Developers Documentation if you want to develop tainacan plugins, themes or if you want to contribute to the core.


Tainacan is a free, open source software licensed under GPLv3. Contributions to the codebase will abide to the same license; other contributions may be under additional or other terms.

To contribute with our project, you can report bugs and other issues, or suggest new features. You are also free to submit pull requests or translate Tainacan to multiple languages. If you are interested in contributing, you can get started by reading our contribution guidelines.


Tainacan is the results of continuous efforts from developers, researchers, policy makers and GLAMs in Brazil. We are eternally grateful for all of our amazing contributors!

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