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graphql-type-json Travis npm

JSON scalar types for GraphQL.js.



This package exports a JSON value scalar GraphQL.js type:

import GraphQLJSON from 'graphql-type-json';

It also exports a JSON object scalar type:

import { GraphQLJSONObject } from 'graphql-type-json';

These types can also be imported as follows using CommonJS:

const { GraphQLJSON, GraphQLJSONObject } = require('graphql-type-json');

GraphQLJSON can represent any JSON-serializable value, including scalars, arrays, and objects. GraphQLJSONObject represents specifically JSON objects, which covers many practical use cases for JSON scalars.

Programmatically-constructed schemas

You can use this in a programmatically-constructed schema as with any other scalar type:

import GraphQLJSON, { GraphQLJSONObject } from 'graphql-type-json';

export default new GraphQLObjectType({
  name: 'MyType',

  fields: {
    myValue: { type: GraphQLJSON },
    myObject: { type: GraphQLJSONObject },

SDL with GraphQL-tools

When using the SDL with GraphQL-tools, define GraphQLJSON as the resolver for the appropriate scalar type in your schema:

import { makeExecutableSchema } from 'graphql-tools';
import GraphQLJSON, { GraphQLJSONObject } from 'graphql-type-json';

const typeDefs = `
scalar JSON
scalar JSONObject

type MyType {
  myValue: JSON
  myObject: JSONObject

# ...

const resolvers = {
  JSONObject: GraphQLJSONObject,

export default makeExecutableSchema({ typeDefs, resolvers });