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Taisei Project – Game Manual


Taisei is a shoot-em-up game. Lots of bullets cover the screen and if you are hit by one, you die. To make things easier, your hitbox is very small-- much smaller than your character.

If you get hit you lose a life (displayed on the right hand side in the HUD); if you are out of lives, it’s Game Over, but you get a few Continues to keep playing (without scores or replays).


Name Default Key
Shoot Z
Bomb X
Focus Left Shift
Move Up,Down,Left,Right

Using the Gamepad is also supported. See options to set up controls.

Users of non-qwerty keyboard layouts: Don’t worry, Taisei’s controls are not based on layout but key location.


The different playable characters have different shots. You start out weak and have to raise your power meter to get stronger.

Try a few modes to find the one that fits you best.


While pressing Shift, your movement is slower and the weapon will be more focused, hence the name Focus to describe this mode. It is useful for accurate dodging, but you shouldn’t stay in this mode all the time.

The white circle appearing in this mode is a representation of your hitbox. As you can see it is really small.


The numbers in the HUD are

  • Score Your current score. Raise this by shooting enemies, grazing, and collecting items. As you accumulate score, the game will reward you with life and bomb fragments. Be sure to catch those!
  • Player How many lives you have. Only full stars count.
  • Bombs How many bombs you have.
  • Power How strong your current weapon is. Maxes out at 4.
  • Graze If you are fearless and kiss bullets by going really close to them, this will increase and raise your score.


Killed enemies drop various amounts of items. They may look like bullets at first, but they are safe to touch.

These are:

  • Blue Increases your score.
  • Red Gives you more power.
  • Green Star Bomb. Appears either filled (full bomb) or as an empty outline (bomb fragment). 5 fragments make up one bomb.
  • Pink Star Life or Life fragment.

If you fly near to the top of the screen, all the visible items will be picked up (shown as flying towards you).


Taisei has 6 levels (called stages). Each stage has a boss and a midboss in some form. They are much stronger than normal enemies and have different attacks with time limits. There are different types of Attacks:

  • Normal: A signature move every boss has. They are a break between the other, more fierce attacks, but some say there are Normals in the game that are way too hard.

  • Spell Card: This is where the Bosses concentrate their powers (resulting in a background change) and hit you with really hard and unusual patterns. They give a lot of extra points when you capture them. That means shooting down the HP within the time limit without getting hit or using bombs.

    You can revisit spellcards you have encountered in the Spell Practice mode to get better at the ones you frequently die on.

  • Extra Spell: Capture every Spell Card of a boss in succession and you activate their Extra Spell.

    These are super hard, unique spells that will take all your skills and creativity to dodge. Special safety magic has locked your Bomb and Life meters so they can’t hurt you, but you can’t use your bombs either.

  • Survival Spell: Rarely, a very strong boss can invoke a Spell Card that makes them completely invincible-- turning their health bar blue.

    You are on your own here. Try to survive somehow until the timer runs out.


Your characters are, of course, no less apt at magic than the bosses, so they have Spell Cards of their own. These are called bombs.

You can use them to clear out bullets and enemies from the screen. However you only get a limited amount of them, so they are best used when you are in a pinch. When used against a boss' Spell Card, it voids your capturing bonus.

Rumor has it that if you get hit by a bullet and hit the bomb key fast enough, you can avoid death. This is called Death Bombing and people who master it-- so the lore goes-- will find their bomb meter becoming a second life meter.


If you found this guide helpful, you probably should start playing Easy mode.

Taisei is a very hard game, especially for newcomers to the genre. In many modern games, Easy is a placeholder and Normal is the easy mode so people playing it don’t have to feel bad. So you might feel inclined to start at Normal like in your other games.

This approach doesn’t work for Taisei though. Easy is balanced around maybe being not impossible for newcomers, so it’ll require some training. On the positive side it still contains enough bullets to show you the beauty of all the patterns. ;)

There is no shame in playing Easy. Some say that even the dev who initially founded the project and wrote this section can’t beat Easy…

More info

Knowing this much should help to get you started!

If you want more tricks and hints on how to “git gud”, check out resources on how to play Touhou, the game Taisei is based on.

Enjoy playing, and if you want to contact us, visit us on Freenode IRC #taisei-project or on Discord.