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Remove Lalasa's contributions (by request)

This replaces the story and dialogue contents with stubs, as well as
removes Lalasa's entry from the credits, by her own request.

Fixes #179
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■ 1. Incident

Another villain threatens to turn the land of dreams into a place of terror.
The barrier is disrupted, and a strange tunnel opens on Yōkai Mountain that
leads to an unknown land. Gensōkyō is thrown into chaos as humans and yōkai
alike flock to this rift, where they will discover both new forces and old
forces that have changed beyond recognition.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

■ 2. Characters
@@ -60,116 +56,15 @@

○ Hakurei Reimu

For Reimu, today should have been a peaceful day. It was spring, so early
mornings were still chilly and flowers were just beginning to burst into
bright blooms around the shrine. But unfortunately, Reimu did not get to
enjoy her luxury of sleeping in as she was rudely awoken by insistent
prodding into her cheek.


“Wake up, Reimu. There is a serious incident unraveling itself as we speak!”

Although annoyed at being woken up in her own shrine, she nevertheless
cracked an unamused eye open to stare at her beauty sleep’s disturbance. The
voice was familiar, and so was the tall, unsettling woman peering back at
her from her own personal crack of distorted reality.

“What now, Yukari? Can’t you see I am doing the important duty of self-care
as a shrine maiden?”

“You should think about switching duties then,” Yukari quipped back,
reaching over to outright pinch Reimu’s cheek. “The barrier is being
distorted by someone with a great deal of unexpected power, and it is of a
sort that I cannot manipulate.”

“So, you can’t fix it, then?”

“Of course not. It’s too… logical. Even though I created this barrier with
mathematics in mind, my parameters were fictional. It’s a power grounded in
reality, and it seems to have outright torn open a hole in the barrier up on
Yōkai Mountain, creating a tunnel to somewhere else entirely.”

Now fully awake, Reimu sat up and batted Yukari’s intrusive hands away. But
even though she sincerely wanted to ignore the yōkai sage that plagued her
life as a constant irritation, she too could feel something off in the air.
The Hakurei Shrine sat at the very edge of Gensōkyō, and it held the barrier
steady as a medium between both sides of the boundary. Items from the
Outside World commonly ended up strewn around the grounds, and so did the
occasional high school girl as well. Despite the unusual atmosphere of the
shrine, Reimu immediately knew just by glancing around that it was not
normal for her shrine’s walls to look patchy and moldy in places, or for the
floor to have random cracks and stains not present from everyday use.

“You can see it, can you not? The Hakurei Shrine from the Outside World is
merging with ours as our fantasy disappears. Soon it will replace yours
entirely, and you will live in the broken down version of your beloved

That was all it took to get Reimu in action as she slipped into her uniform
and grabbed her Yin-Yang Orbs and purification rod. Although the weakening
of the Hakurei Barrier was worrying enough on its own, there was no way she
could allow her shrine to turn into the run-down mess it was on the other
side of the border. Whoever was behind this needed to stop, for her sake and
everyone else’s. And if nothing else, the shrine maiden was loath to become
homeless. That simply would not do.

“Yukari, you’ll take me there, won’t you?”

Unfortunately for the shrine maiden, she was met with silence. It seemed as
though she would have to take the long route to Yōkai Mountain.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Kirisame Marisa

Early one spring day, just after dawn had passed, Marisa was finding a
severe lack of things to do. She had just finished some battle magic
research for her hakkero yesterday, and as usual, no customers seemed eager
to brave the dark, dank Forest of Magic in order to purchase anything or
pay for extermination services.

The day likely would have stayed dull had Aya not decided to fervently bang
on the door, a rare presence that normally wouldn’t brave the Forest of
Magic’s unpleasantness unless something serious was happening.

“Have you heard, Miss Marisa? The border has been broken on Yōkai
Mountain, and a tunnel to an unknown world has opened up! You’ll need to
leave now if you’re going to want to stay on top of this new development.”

“Sign me up! Beats sittin’ in here all day, and anyway, that sounds like
it’s the start of a big incident! I can’t be left behind as Gensōkyō’s
second best incident resolver!”

With her mind settled, Marisa grabbed her hat and bolted out the door past
the expectant tengu. Living as isolated as she does, Marisa wasn’t
completely sure what she was heading into, but that didn’t matter. As long
as she had her magic and her experience, she was confident that she could
handle anyone and anything. After all, what incident couldn’t be fixed with
a liberal application of “Master Spark!” to the face? No incident, that’s

FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Konpaku Yōmu

As what passed for dawn gently shook the Netherworld awake, the world’s
peaceful tranquility was broken by the disconcerting sounds of the breaking
barrier. As a world between worlds, the Netherworld was always sensitive to
changes in the boundary, and this time was no exception as the ghosts cried
and moaned at the disturbance to their afterlife.

“Yōmu, I cannot sleep in late with all this ruckus. And anyways, isn’t this
a bit unexpected? Miss Yakumo doesn’t put such strain on the border without
asking nicely and this doesn’t seem like her doing. I suspect this is the
work of someone else, and that’s just no good. We wouldn’t want the spirits
to break free and be bothersome to whomever they find now, would we?”

“You’re absolutely correct, Lady Yuyuko! I’ll cut to the truth of the matter
and ask whoever is responsible to both turn down the noise and the stress
put on the Netherworld’s boundary! You can count on me for anything!”

Something new and intrusive was pushing on the borders of the Netherworld,
weakening them. Were they to break, the restless dead would surely explore
whatever new space they were led to. Yōmu was resolved to end the incident
quickly, before any unwanted changes happened.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

■ 3. Stages
@@ -191,89 +86,34 @@
○ Stage 1 Boss

Incidents are always exciting to fairies. They never know what is going on,
but seeing trouble unfolding around them gives them the perfect excuse to
let loose and shoot at whoever they want. Instinctually, Cirno decides to
play along. Whoever stumbles across her lake would have to deal with an
ice-cold challenge!
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Stage 2 Boss
Kagiyama Hina

As the epicenter of the new disaster, the small forest and dark road home
to the wandering goddess had turned into a hotbed of activity. Although
misguided, she decides that she needs to take action to prevent anyone from
entering the unknown rift, fearing that whatever is inside it would lead to
chaos and the eventual propagation of misfortune in Gensōkyō.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Stage 3 Boss

Normally an unimpressive and simpleminded yōkai, Wriggle nevertheless
manages to sneak past Hina and into the tunnel while the heroines are
fighting the goddess. Finding herself surrounded by distorted magical
energies, she gleefully absorbs a power past her own and decides that she
should prove insect superiority once and for all to the human simpletons
following right behind her.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Stage 4 Boss

This former guardian of the Lake of Blood had found herself jobless and
homeless after Yuuka dissolved her world and headed to Gensōkyō. Instead of
following Yuuka to Gensōkyō, however, she and Elly had left for the Outside
World. While relatively unchanged and unscathed by her long stay there, she
had grown decidedly closer to Elly, and is happy to support any of her new
goals, even if they go against yōkai standards. To that degree she is
gatekeeping once more… but this time for a new, more personal master. And
since it’s been a while since she last fed on humans freely, she may be a
little too excited to apply gratuitous force. Only a little.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Stage 5 Boss
Nagae Iku

Similarly to Wriggle, Iku took full advantage of Kurumi’s distraction with
the heroines to sneak past them all and swiftly fly up to the top of the
tower, where she appears to have set herself up as an impromptu guardian.
Much like the Netherworld, Heaven’s space and borders were also being
infringed upon by the new world, and so the Celestials had decreed that Iku
be there to stop anyone other than them from dealing with it. Having gotten
there barely on time, she is flustered and irritated, and wants the
heroines to leave so that she can quietly investigate the issue and file a
report on it to her superiors. Since they refuse to let her be, she shocks
them with a surprisingly fierce fight!
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179

○ Stage 6 Boss

Like Kurumi, this former gatekeeper became literally disillusioned with her
job as she was cast from Mugenkan into the Outside World, both having
gotten lost on their way to Gensōkyō. Despite the seeming contradictory
nature of logic and reasoning being used by a yōkai, it seems as though
Elly has been able to embrace these things, giving her the ability to
manipulate relations via complex calculations. Her impossible existence has
given rise to a fusion of magic and science, and by deconstructing the
nonsense making up Gensōkyō’s border separating it from the Outside, she
was able to return to prominence in fantasy once more, as the one who
created a new world with a mansion and an impossibly high tower breaking
into Heaven.

It is in this tower where she devotes herself to researching The Theory of
Everything, and as long as she continues to do so, Gensōkyō is put at risk
of being deconstructed due to its inherently illogical nature. She doesn’t
mean to do this, of course, but by finishing this theory, it is only
natural that Gensōkyō, which should not be able to exist, would be

Besides that, her world’s pushy nature makes her a very bad neighbor, but
she’s too busy to care.

Her spell cards are based on physical phenomena, turning her experiments
into powerful weapons.

Fun Fact™: Taisei actually uses complex math for projectile positioning.
FIXME: Removed due to issue #179
@@ -36,14 +36,13 @@ static struct {


#define ENTRY_TIME 347
#define ENTRY_TIME 376

static void credits_add(char *data, int time);

static void credits_fill(void) {
// In case the shortened URLs break,
// Tuck V's YouTube:
// Lalasa's YouTube:
// InsideI's bandcamp:

credits_add("Taisei Project\nbrought to you by…", 200);
@@ -77,14 +76,6 @@ static void credits_fill(void) {
"Character art"

"Ola Kruzel\n"
"Writing, playtesting"

"Martin Herkt\n"

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