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Taisei Switch Port


Grabbing Binaries

Download the latest release, and extract the archive in the /switch folder on your SD Card. Then, run the game from the hbmenu using hbl.

WARNING: This will crash if executed from an applet such as the Photo/Library applet, be sure to launch it from hbmenu on top of the game of your choice, which can be done by holding R over any installed title on latest Atmosphère, with default settings.

Build dependencies

For building, you need the devkitA64 from devkitPro setup, along with switch portlibs and libnx. Documentation to setup that can be found here.

Other dependencies common to the main targets include:

* meson >= 0.45.0 (build system; >=0.48.0 recommended)
* Python >= 3.5
* ninja
* glslc
* spirv-cross

Compiling from source

Run one of the following commands from the project root:

mkdir -p ./build/nx
./switch/ > ./build/nx/crossfile.txt
meson --cross-file="./build/nx/crossfile.txt" . ./build/nx
ninja -C ./build/nx

Note: You can optionally set a custom prefix and ninja install NRO and assets into that folder.

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