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This is an implementation of the Redux thunk middleware for use with the Redux.NET library.



Install directly from the NuGet package, or from the Package Manager Console by running:

Install-Package redux.NET-thunk

Apply the middleware by passing it as a parameter to the Store constructor:

var store = new Store<State>(initialState, reducer, Taiste.Redux.Middleware.ThunkMiddleware);


Thunk middleware can be used to create Redux actions that dispatch other actions for conditional or asynchronous dispatching.

Example conditional dispatch:

public static IAction ConditionalIncrement ()
    return new ThunkAction<int> ((dispatch, getState) => {
        int state = getState ();

        if (state < 10) {
            dispatch(new IncrementAction());



Asynchronous dispatch:

public static IAction AsyncActionCreator ()
    return new ThunkAction<ApplicationState> ((dispatch, getState) => {
        Task.Factory.StartNew (() => {
            var result = expensiveOperation ();
            dispatch (new ResultAction (result));




Unlike the Javascript version, this version of the middleware considers Dispatch to be a void action, i.e. no Promise or similar is returned from Dispatch. The dispatched ThunkAction is returned to satisfy the interface.