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Replaced degredation with degradation
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2 parents 52552f7 + f37f3b3 commit 623aee71d922ba980d6af71ef1af1e58c84a75b3 @taitems committed May 11, 2011
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@@ -1157,7 +1157,7 @@ <h2>You're Not !important</h2>
<div class="entry">
- <h2>Aggressive Degredation</h2>
+ <h2>Aggressive Degradation</h2>
It's worth noting that this is a personal opinion, and best suited to very specific situations. The stance of aggressive degradation will not be well received in large commercial projects or enterprise solutions relying upon older browsers.
@@ -1235,7 +1235,7 @@ <h2>@font-face Use and Abuse</h2>
<div class="entry">
- <h2>Degredation</h2>
+ <h2>Degradation</h2>
Thankfully browser handling of unsupported HTML5 and CSS3 is already that of a graceful nature. New additions to the list of <code>&lt;input /&gt;</code> types such as "email", "search" etc. will generally

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