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A page about front end development guidelines should probably pass W3C markup validation:

As of May 6: 48 Errors, 4 warning(s)

exside commented Jun 10, 2011

=), some people really check valid markup on every page? Love this, then my hard work to write valid code makes sense =P!

The only 2 errors which are critical are 1) not declaring a charset (this should really be done) and 2) the one with the

-tag around line 900... the rest is related to the syntax highlighting and maybe not really worth the time fixing it...

I personally consider it a matter of professionalism for a front-end developer to write valid semantic markup. It certainly plays a role in my decision when hiring for a front-end position. ;)

If you think there's a lot of work to do for validation and you're still interested in validating, you can patch from my forked commit here:
(it's not worth submitting a pull req if the original author has no interest in valid markup)

exside commented Jun 11, 2011

So do I =)

I had a look at the issues in that file and corrected them as far as I quickly could, the charset thing was easy...the

tag issue occurs because of the ul unside the p-tag i think...not so sure about that but seems valid to me (isn't a list allowed inside a paragraph because it's another block element?) when I look at the code and the whole bunch of wrong mime-type for script-node errors comes from the synthax-highlighter which depends on that type attribute. This is bad programming from the plugin writer but I think this can't be omitted when using this plugin whitout rewriting it^^...

and I don't think that we can speak the autor guilty of not being interested in valid code, so maybe he will pull the request =) and if not...site is helpful and working!

EDIT: OK, I see you have fixed a lot =), does the syntax-highlighting work with the pre-tags? Would be much nicer and more semantic! If I were you I would submit pull-request with your corrections, this was a lot of work! thanks for that

Syntax highlighting works fine with pre tags; view my forked GH page for example:

I submitted a pull req if you want to extend the discussion there:

taitems commented Apr 11, 2012

Since recent revisions to the code base the whole site only has 3 errors which can be easily resolved.

Will hopefully fix in the coming days unless someone wants to submit a pull request?

taitems commented Apr 18, 2012

Woops, forgot to mention I fixed this 4 days ago in commit 90730e6

@taitems taitems closed this Apr 18, 2012
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