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Float Clearing should use The New Clearfix #4

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The problem with using overflow: hidden to clear floats is that in addition to clearing floats, it also hides overflow. So if you've got a heading that's supposed to hang just outside of your box, you've got a tough choice to make.

The New Clearfix method is a great way to clear floats in modern browsers, and falls back in IE the same way that the overflow trick does.


Not sure how I feel about browser specific CSS hacks, as that's what I set out to avoid, but I will definitely mention this.


more recent (last week) and now used by html5 boilerplate:


I don't see the point of using a bunch of code to clearfix when I can use overflow. IF I come to a situation where I can't use overflow, I'll use clearfix. But like most people, I prefer simple code over multi-line code (though mine is still not as large as the one at perishable press... 4 lines tops).


+1 for the .clearfix, works great and for practical use I have switched to only use this one (mixed the overflow: hidden and .clearfix techniques before, and if you have to refactor the code a year later or so, it's a pain in the a** because you've forgotten where you used the overflow thing and where not^^)


Fixed locally, pending commit.

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