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Pagination error #2

marcos-borunda opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When you pass the itemPerPage attribute it works at first, but if you try to go to the next page it will show every element in the list, then if you keep going through pages it will take out "itemPerPage" elements.


p.s. Thanks for sharing this great code! my javascript/jQuery skills aren't that good that's why I wasn't able to contribute fixing it :S


Hi, is there any chance this issue is still occurring? I just pushed an update that should resolve other paging issues. If not, I'll close this. Tait.


@marcos-borunda Can it be assumed that this has been fixed for you? If so, this issue can be closed. Thanks!


@usmonster I haven't tested new releases. At the moment I don't have time to check, but let me test it this weekend and I'll let you know.


@marcos-borunda I'll assume this issue has been resolved and close it, but feel free to comment here if that's not the case and it can be reopened. Thanks!

@usmonster usmonster closed this

hi i just downloaded the plugin from this url:

and this error keeps happening, I ventured to try to correct the error, and I found myself on the line 330 is the if statement that the number of rows is responsible to paint.
The problem is that in this condition, "adding" varibles strings so does not work correctly the if condition, it resolved as follows:

if (i >= element.pageNum * parseInt(settings.itemsPerPage) && i < (element.pageNum * parseInt(settings.itemsPerPage) + parseInt(settings.itemsPerPage)))

but this genre a new error in the row of the year I paint the temporal timeline, someone could tell me how to fix this error?


@RafaelVRam thanks for finding this again. I was never able to see the bug. Can you make an example JSBin or JSFiddle to show what happens with the current code?

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