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popovers don't work #39

manojkumarm opened this Issue Sep 28, 2012 · 6 comments

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I am not able to get popover to work; I hover over the items and nothing happens; I downloaded the latest source today. I remember having used this functionality at some point, has something changed?

Is anyone else noticing this? I am on windows and tried using Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Thank you very much for your time. Sorry if this is a false alarm; but I have tested as much as I can and I could not find any references from searching as well; hope you don't mind.

I am enabling jquery-ui's resizable and draggable if it matters.


karelb commented Oct 2, 2012

I am experiencing the same issue. No matter what browser or OS I use the popover functionality seems to be broke.
Also when clicking an empty cell the rowId in the callback is undefined in the demo ?


yshrsmz commented Oct 16, 2012

Hi, I just found a workaround.
if you select .bar directly and call popover, then you can use it!
For example,

        title: 'I'm a popover.'
        content: 'And I'm the content of said popover.'

hope this works.


Thank you for the suggestion; I am still not able to get it working even after selecting .bar.

I tried re-downloading the source and tried this work-around but of no help.

I am on a windows and tried using the latest chrome and firefox if that helps.

yshrsmz commented Oct 17, 2012

What happens if you write that code in onRender ?
I found out that $('.bar').popover() has been executed before .bar elements finish being rendered.
And I also confirmed that the code above works when it is in onRender.

if you click on some bar, then you will see pretty popover ;)


Good suggestion; thank you. I have a rather weird behavior when I add the popover in onRender

i) The popover should render on hover; instead it renders on click which is not expected.
ii) The popover doesn't fade away; I am attaching a screen from my machine

Here is a screen on my machine:


The screen-shot is here just in case.

Maybe this is because the jQuery version that the demo points to is 1.7.2 and the popover is the latest version? I am just speculating though.

Thank you for your assistance again.

taitems commented Nov 17, 2012

Hi guys, thanks for the find. This is fixed locally pending the latest commit. The issue was around the latest bootstrap changed the default popover trigger from "hover" to "click". It was previously unspecified, so now I explicitly set hover in my demo.

@taitems taitems closed this Nov 17, 2012
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