Angular examples from my blog
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Angular examples from my blog


Like many software engineer in daily business as an software engineer I don't have a lot of time for diving deeper into new tools and technologies. Now as a new and first-time father I'm taking a professional timeout and focus on new things respectively in more details like Angular, machine learning, React, Docker...

With 'diving deeper' I mean understanding it down to its basics and concepts - without diluting it with other APIs and concepts! By learning its theories and purposes of each component, class, and configuration files allows me developing high-quality software in an efficient way.

Since I'm switching from AngularJs to Angular I will start collecting and summarizing all fundamentals of Angular Version 7 and higher. My resources I'm using are:


The subfolders contains examples of the following blog cheatsheet series:

01. Generating a new project - GitHub example

02. Components - GitHub example

02.01. Templates - GitHub example


Updates and progress of my learnings can be found on my blog with examples here on GitHub.

Install Node, Angular and CLI

Install nodejs

# Optional: add this ppa for installing latest nodejs release
curl -sL
# installs latest (10.15.1) or LTS (8.10.0) release
sudo apt install nodejs
# check version
node -v # v10.15.1

Install angular globally (using '-g' option):

sudo npm install -g @angular/cli

Optionally install and configure git:

sudo apt install git
git config --global yourname
git config --global your@email.address

Clone from my GitHub repo:

git clone