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Welcome to the Wiki of Highlight, the cross-platform syntax highlighter by André Simon.

Table of Contents

About This Wiki

This Wiki started off as a personal project on Tristano's fork of Highlight, as a place to collect working notes, tutorials and tips-&-tricks on Highlight usage. It's now been integrated into Highlight's upstream repository, while the original Wiki is currently kept as a mirror, for the time being.

The material presented here should be considered complementary to the offical documentation, which remains the main reference for Highlight usage. Since these pages reflect the particular Highlight use and needs of their write, they might cover certain Highlight features more in depth, and overlook others.

If you find the contents of this Wiki useful, feel free to reuse them.


Original material from Highlight's official Wiki (no longer online) and documentation was reused/adapted here with André Simon's kind permission (thanks).


Needlsess to say, this Wiki is open to users' contributions (see Contributing page).

By contributing contents to this Wiki you shall implicitly accept that others might reuse these contents in other projects without restrictions.

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