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There is a Czech article with detailed description of this devstack. It was created mainly for education purposes but it can be used as a bootstrap for real-world application. It is simple but powerful.


  • development mode with vanilla hot reloading, no hacks (webpack)
  • production build, minimized by Uglify (webpack)
  • loaders for files, less and babel
  • babel es2015 preset for the browser part
  • babel node6 preset for the server (node v6 is almost 100% ES2015 compatible)
  • eslint, using popular ruleset defined by airbnb
  • frontend page is served by node.js

Missing stuff

  • React-router
  • Redux
  • Immutable.js

The libraries above are awesome, but you don't need them right away. They bring some complexity and can be confusing if you are just starting with JavaScript. You should check them later. On the other hand, if you want to build a real production app with React, you need to use npm, transpiler (Babel) and bundler (Webpack). Linter (ESLint) is not necessary but it is quite handy and super easy to integrate, so it is included as well.


Download and install node.js version 6+. I recommend to use Node Version Manager. If you have to use older versions of Node, you should replace babel-preset-node6 or stop using ES2015 for the server part.


git clone
cd devstack
npm install

Development mode

npm start
open http://localhost:8000

Production mode

npm run build
npm run server
open http://localhost:8000


npm run lint