Add console output/input, formatting support for Radon Framework.
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Radon framework Console

This package provides console input and output access, formatting, colored text, secure input and many other features.


  • Application parameter processing.
  • Write stylelized text to console.
  • Read secure and unsecure input from console.
  • Appender class to print Radon Framework logging to console.
  • Box rendering with Designated Character Set(DCS).
  • Table rendering with DCS.
  • UI layouting with domain specific language(DSL).
  • Screen buffer control(scroll, resize, obtain size).
  • Cursor support(move, visibility).
  • Console information(window size, DCS support, escape sequence support, active codepage).
  • Console control(set window size, enable DCS, enable escape sequence, set codepage, disable word wrap).
  • Multiline gradient text rendering.
  • UTF-8 support.
  • Tested code.
  • API documentation

OS support

Only 64bit OS will be supported.

  • Windows (10, 8.1)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 18 LTE, Centos 7)
  • macOS (Mojave)

Architecture support

Only 64bit architecture will be supported.

  • X64
  • ARM64

Tested code

  • 100% test coverage.
  • Behaviour driven design tests.
  • Smoke tests.

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