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#if _MSC_VER > 1000
#pragma once
#include <RadonFramework/Core/Types/Bool.hpp>
#include <RadonFramework/Core/Types/Size.hpp>
#include <RadonFramework/Core/Types/UInt32.hpp>
namespace RadonFramework::Core::Policies
class ValueAllocator
virtual void* Allocate(RF_Type::Size Bytes, RF_Type::Size Alignment) = 0;
virtual void* Reallocate(void* Ptr, RF_Type::Size NewBytes) = 0;
virtual void Free(void* Memory) = 0;
} // namespace RadonFramework::Core::Policies
namespace RadonFramework::Collections
class HashList
using KeyType = RF_Type::UInt32;
HashList(const RF_Type::Size PreAllocationElementCount);
HashList(Core::Policies::ValueAllocator* Allocator,
const RF_Type::Size PreAllocationElementCount);
void Clear();
RF_Type::Bool Add(const KeyType Key, void* DataStart);
RF_Type::Bool ContainsKey(const KeyType Key) const;
RF_Type::Size Count() const;
RF_Type::Size Capacity() const;
RF_Type::Bool Get(const KeyType Key, void*& Value) const;
void Erase(const KeyType Key);
KeyType GetEmptyKey() const;
void Clone(const HashList& ThisInstance);
void Reserve(const RF_Type::Size ElementCount);
// forbid copies, use Clone() method
HashList(const HashList&) = delete;
HashList& operator=(const HashList&) = delete;
HashList& operator=(HashList) = delete;
Core::Policies::ValueAllocator* m_Allocator;
RF_Type::Size m_Count;
RF_Type::Size m_Capacity;
// bucket count have to be power of 2 to avoid modulo operation
RF_Type::Size m_BucketCount;
RF_Type::Size m_BucketElements;
KeyType* m_Keys;
void** m_Values;
void Grow(const RF_Type::Size ToElementCount);
RF_Type::Size GetLastBucketElement(RF_Type::Size index, RF_Type::Size j);
RF_Type::Size FindBucket(const KeyType Key) const;
} // namespace RadonFramework::Collections
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