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Gregorian calendar date library in Common Lisp.
Common Lisp
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The project is planed to be on top of LOCAL-TIME as its extension later.

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Calendar-date is a Gregorian calendar date library in Common Lisp.



Since calendar-date is not on Quicklisp yet, please use its local-projects feature for now.

cd quicklisp/local-projects
git clone

You can install calendar-date via Quicklisp,

(ql:quickload :calendar-date)


[Function] calendar-date

CALENDAR-DATE year month day => new-calendar-date

[Function] calendar-date-today

CALENDAR-DATE-TODAY &key timezone => new-calendar-date

[Function] calendar-date-year

CALENDAR-DATE-YEAR calendar-date => year

[Function] calendar-date-month

CALENDAR-DATE-MONTH calendar-date => month

[Function] calendar-date-day

CALENDAR-DATE-DAY calendar-date => day

[Function] calendar-date-values

CALENDAR-DATE-VALUES calendar-date => year, month, day

[Function] calendar-date-day-of-week

CALENDAR-DATE-DAY-OF-WEEK calendar-date => day-of-week

[Function] calendar-date=, calendar-date/=, calendar-date<, calendar-date>, calendar-date<=, calendar-date>=

CALENDAR-DATE= calendar-date1 calendar-date2 => generalized-boolean
CALENDAR-DATE/= calendar-date1 calendar-date2 => generalized-boolean
CALENDAR-DATE< calendar-date1 calendar-date2 => generalized-boolean
CALENDAR-DATE> calendar-date1 calendar-date2 => generalized-boolean
CALENDAR-DATE<= calendar-date1 calendar-date2 => generalized-boolean
CALENDAR-DATE>= calendar-date1 calendar-date2 => generalized-boolean

[Function] business-day-p

BUSINESS-DAY-P calendar-date => generalized-boolean

[Function] weekday-p

WEEKDAY-P calendar-date => generalized-boolean

[Function] weekend-p

WEEKEND-P calendar-date => generalized-boolean

[Function] next-day

NEXT-DAY calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] previous-day

PREVIOUS-DAY calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] next-week

NEXT-WEEK calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] previous-week

PREVIOUS-WEEK calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] same-day-of-week-of-next-week

SAME-DAY-OF-WEEK-OF-NEXT-WEEK calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] same-day-of-week-of-previous-week

SAME-DAY-OF-WEEK-OF-PREVIOUS-WEEK calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] day-of-week-of-the-week

DAY-OF-WEEK-OF-THE-WEEK day-of-week calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] next-month

NEXT-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] previous-month

PREVIOUS-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] same-day-of-next-month

SAME-DAY-OF-NEXT-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] same-day-of-previous-month

SAME-DAY-OF-PREVIOUS-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] first-of-the-month

FIRST-OF-THE-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] nth-of-the-month

NTH-OF-THE-MONTH nth calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] nth-of-the-month-in-business

NTH-OF-THE-MONTH-IN-BUSINESS nth calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] nth-business-day-of-the-month

NTH-BUSINESS-DAY-OF-THE-MONTH nth calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] last-day-of-the-month

LAST-DAY-OF-THE-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date

[Function] last-business-day-of-the-month

LAST-BUSINESS-DAY-OF-THE-MONTH calendar-date => new-calendar-date



Copyright (c) 2015 Masayuki Takagi (


Licensed under the MIT License.

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