MMD model dances on your chrome with WebGL.
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MMD model dances on your chrome with WebGL. (MMD(MikuMikuDance) is a 3D CG animation tool)


Demo only for Windows&Chrome

Demo video(blog)

Screen shot

Screen shot1

Screen shot2

Screen shot3

Screen shot4


How to start

  1. choose model and click load model button, then MMD model shows up. (currently max model# is 5)
  2. choose motion and click load motion button, then MMD model dances with music sync (if music file is available).

How to add model and motion

  1. clone this project
  2. put your model and motion data files
  3. place toon[00-10].bmp files into your model data directory (you can copy from model/default directory)
  4. convert *.tga files to *.pga files in your model data directory if exists
  5. edit __models and __motions in index.html


Q. Which browsers does this app support?

Prolly only Windows Chrome. I haven't checked other platforms.

Q. Does this app support iPhone/Smartphone?

Prolly not yet. I haven't checked.

Q. I cannot load model and motion data in my local environment.

Boot up your chrome with "--allow-file-access-from-files"

Q. What model format does this app support?

Only .pmd now. .pmx and .x would come soon.

Q. This app is very heavy.

Choose light model. Reduce the number of models show up. Turn off Physics, Stage, Edge and Post-effect.


No any WebGL 3D libraries, yeah!


MMD official site