MZ-700 Full JavaScript Emulator
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MZ-700 Full JavaScript Emulator


This is an emulator of "MZ-700", a Japanese historical 8-bit micro computer.

This emulator is written in JavaScript. It works on the modern HTML5 web browser. I would strongly recommend Google Chrome, because of the emulation speed and its stability.


The MZ-700 is produced by SHARP in Nov.15,1982. It equipped a Z80A CPU 3.58MHz, and represents various characters in eight colors and a monoral beep sound, but no graphics.

There were three models:

  • MZ-711 - The base model.
  • MZ-721 - A built-in cassette deck is available
  • MZ-731 - A cassette deck and 4 color plotter printer were built in.

Many people were saying,

"MZ-700 Has No LIMIT"


  • Node.js 8.10 or later is requied.
  • This emulator bundles MZ-NEW MONITOR to boot.
  • You can drop a MZT-file to the screen to run.
  • Z80 assembler and disassembler is available on the Web and also CLI command.
  • And, It's a somewhat a crazy feature, the emulator running on the CLI with Node.js is also available.


To install on your local PC, clone the repository or get the zip from GitHub.


$ npm install   # Build
$ npm start     # Start local web server and run the app.

Access http://localhost:3000/mz700-js/emu.html with your browser.

Or if you would'nt install or the installation fails, the emulation page is available.

Available Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozzilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet explorer 11 (but no sound and slow)
  • Microsoft Edge (but slow)