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A boilerplate for React + Redux + Material UI + ES6 syntax application
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A boilerplate for React + Redux + Material UI + ES6 syntax applications. This boilerplate includes the following tools and frameworks:



$ git clone
$ mv react-redux-material_ui-boilerplate [YOUR_APPNAME]
$ rm -rf .git
$ git init
$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "Initial commit with boilerplate"

Package installation

$ npm install

Use development server

For development server, webpack-dev-server is reasonable. It monitors update files and rebuild them automatically. Since the webpack cli command is registerd in package.json in this project, just type the following command to run webpack-dev-server:

$ npm start

Be careful! The webpack-dev-server rebuilds files in src automatically but the bundled files are just placed on its memory. Build manually by allowing next section (Build assets), if you want need the bundled files.

Build assets

To put compiled files into static directory, type the following command.

$ npm run build
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