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Polyglot for Maven is a set of extensions for Maven 3.3.1+ that allows the POM model to be written in dialects other than XML. Several of the dialects also allow inlined plugins: the Ruby, Groovy and Scala dialects allow this.

Here's an example POM written in the Ruby dialect:

project 'Polyglot :: Aggregator' do

  model_version '4.0.0'
  id 'io.tesla.polyglot:tesla-polyglot:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT'
  inherit 'io.tesla:tesla:4'
  packaging 'pom'

  properties( 'sisuInjectVersion' => '0.0.0.M2a',
              'teslaVersion' => '3.1.0' )

  modules [ 'tesla-polyglot-common',
            'tesla-polyglot-maven-plugin' ]

  overrides do
    jar 'org.eclipse.sisu:org.eclipse.sisu.inject:${sisuInjectVersion}'
    jar 'org.eclipse.sisu:org.eclipse.sisu.plexus:${sisuInjectVersion}'
    jar 'org.apache.maven:maven-model-builder:3.1.0'
    jar 'org.apache.maven:maven-embedder:3.1.0'
    jar( 'junit:junit:4.11', :scope => 'test' )


  plugin 'org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-component-metadata:1.5.4' do
    execute_goals 'generate-metadata', 'generate-test-metadata'

  build do
    execute("first", :validate) do |context|
      puts "Hello from JRuby!"




To use Polyglot for Maven you need to edit ${maven.multiModuleProjectDirectory}/.mvn/extensions.xml and add the appropriate language extension.

Available Languages

The available languages, in alphabetical order, with their artifact id are:

Language Artifact Id
Atom polyglot-atom
Groovy polyglot-groovy
Clojure polyglot-clojure
Ruby polyglot-ruby
Scala polyglot-scala
YAML polyglot-yaml

Update extensions.xml

Edit the extensions.xml file and add the following, replacing ARTIFACTID with the artifact id for your chosen language.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Convert existing POM

We have created a simple Maven Plugin that will help you convert any existing pom.xml files:

mvn io.takari.polyglot:polyglot-translate-plugin:translate \
  -Dinput=pom.xml -Doutput=pom.{format}

Where the supported formats are rb, groovy, scala, yaml, atom and of course xml. See here for more info. You can even convert back to xml or cross-convert between all supported formats.

Note of caution

The whole interoperability story has not been worked out but we expect to sort this out very quickly now that Polyglot for Maven can be used easily.

A pom.xml will currently not be installed or deployed except for the Ruby DSL but we will add this feature very shortly.