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Polyglot Kotlin


  • Supports adhoc task execution via Kotlin lambdas and external scripts.
  • Supports the complete Maven model.
  • Preserves well-known Maven idioms with a Kotlin flavor, allowing easy adoption.
  • Supports Xpp3DOM (XML) configuration using idiomatic Kotlin.
  • Provides idiomatic Kotlin extensions that improve readability and reduce lines of code.

Kotlin POM Example

project("Polyglot :: Kotlin") {



    val junitVersion = 4.12

    properties {
        "maven.compiler.source" to 1.8
        "" to 1.8
        "kotlin.version" to "1.3.21"

    dependencies {
        fun get(key: Any) = ?: ""

        compile("org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib:" + get("kotlin.version"))
        compile("org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-runtime:" + get("kotlin.version"))

        runtime(groupId = "io.takari", artifactId = "polyglot-common", version = this@project.version)


        provided {
            groupId = "org.apache.maven.plugin-tools"
            artifactId = "maven-plugin-annotations"
            version = "3.4"

    build {


        plugins {
            plugin(":maven-jar-plugin") {
                configuration {
                    "archive" {
                        "index" to true
                        "manifest" {
                            "addClasspath" to true
                            "mainClass" to "org.test.Main"
                        "manifestEntries" {
                            "mode" to "development"
                            "url"  to "\${project.url}"
                            "key"  to "value"

        // Embedded execute task
        execute(id = "hello", phase = "initialize") {
  "Hello from ${}")

        // External execute task script
        execute(id = "hello-script", phase = "process-resources", script = "src/build/kotlin/hello.kts")

IDE support

Any IDE that supports loading Maven extensions should be able to resolve the Maven model. Currently, only IntelliJ IDEA seems to do this.

Known Issues

  • Each Kotlin ScriptEngine requires a classpath that includes information from Maven's own classpath as well as the extension's ClassRealm (which is a special type of ClassLoader). This classpath is used to create an additional ClassLoader for use by the ScriptEngine which requires the Maven process to consume more metaspace memory than it would if the Kotlin ScriptEngine were able to obtain the class information it needs from the existing classloader. This is a limitation of the Kotlin script engine. (See KT-27956)

    While this issue does not appear to have a significant impact on Maven's command-line performance, it does affect the performance of IntelliJ IDEA's remote Maven server process (as of Build #IU_183.5912.21). The IDE's remote Maven server appears to create a new ClassRealm every time it reimports the Maven model. This in turn causes a new ScriptEngine with its additional ClassLoader to be re-created even though these are created as singletons. This results in the IDE's Maven server process consuming much more metaspace over time than it would otherwise, especially for multi-module projects.

    If you care about this issue, please vote for KT-27956 under the Kotlin project so that the Kotlin script engine can get the information it needs from the existing classloader.

  • IntelliJ IDEA does not appear to auto-matically detect changes to pom.kts. The workaround is to manually reimport the Maven project.

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