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Maven Plugin to Install the Maven Wrapper
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Takari Maven Plugin

Install the Maven Wrapper in your Maven Project

cd yourmavenproject
mvn -N io.takari:maven:0.7.4:wrapper

You can set a specific Maven release (but not SNAPSHOT) by adding a maven parameter :

cd yourmavenproject
mvn -N io.takari:maven:0.7.4:wrapper -Dmaven=3.5.4

Alternatively, you can set a specific download url (which could point to a SNAPSHOT version of Maven) by using the distributionUrl parameter :

cd yourmavenproject
mvn -N io.takari:maven:0.7.4:wrapper -DdistributionUrl=http://server/path/to/maven/

or you can set the URL to a Maven repository manager with the MVNW_REPOURL environment variable.

This will create a mvnw and a mvnw.cmd file as well as a .mvn folder in your project. You can now use mvnw instead of mvn in all project builds, which will download the configured Maven installation as required.

The .mvn folder contains the optional wrapper jar and the configuration file with the URLs to download the wrapper jar and the maven zip archive from.

Updating the Maven Wrapper in your Maven Project

In order to upgrade the Maven Wrapper in your project, you simply run the installation commands as documented above again. This will overwrite the installed files and you can then proceed to compare old and new files and commit as desired.

Typically, use the scripts and binaries as updated and only adjust config files, if needed.

More Information

More details about the Maven Wrapper including

  • URL config changes,
  • verbose mode with MVNW_VERBOSE,
  • no binary usage mode and

can be found with the maven-wrapper project.

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