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Software for IPSJ International AI Programming Contest

SamurAI Coding 2019-20


Game Rules

The rules of the game SamurAI Dig Here can found in the following files.

Game Manager

The manuals for the game manager are in the following files.

Web Page

The manuals for the game log visualizer web page are in the following files.


Some potential game tactics are suggested in the following files.

Getting Started


  • C++ development environment (compiler and standard libraries for c++11 or later)
  • A web browser

The web browser is used to view the documents, to show replays of games, and also to edit game field configurations.


Issue the following in the top-level directory.

$ make all

This will make the following software.

  • manager/manager Game management system
  • players/simplePlayer A simple sample player AI
  • players/randomPlayer A player with random plays
  • players/timeoutPlayer A player that sometimes falls asleep


Test Run

Issue the following in the top-level directory.

$ make testrun

This will play a game between two simple players and output a log in the file samples/testout.dighere.

Viewing the Result

Open the web page webpage/dighere.html with a web browser. Clicking the Image, a file selection dialog will pop up. Select the game log samples/testout.dighere, to load it. you can view the game by clicking the play button on screen top.

The manual for using the web page can be visited by clicking the button with a question mark icon on top right of the page.


  • Takashi Chikayama - Initial version


This software is distributed under the MIT License - see the file for details

A part of the project (picojson) is licenced by Cybozu Labs, Inc. and Kazuho Oku. See manager/picojson.h for details.


Members of the Programming Contest Committee of Information Processing Society of Japan helped designing the game and testing the system, whose names are listed below.

  • Committee Members: Tasuku Hiraishi (Director), Hironori Washizaki (Executive Advisor), Takashi Chikayama, Shingo Takada, Yuki Kobayashi Kazunori Sakamoto, Tetsuro Tanaka, Makoto Miwa, Kenta Cho, Tsutomu Terada, Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Noriko Fukasawa, Daisaku Yokoyama
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