Erlang.NET is an implementation of an Erlang node in C#
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Welcome to Erlang.NET!

Erlang.NET is an implementation of an Erlang node in C# which was manually
translated and ported from the counterpart in Java, jinterface.
In addition to the original jinterface, Erlang.NET contains a preliminary
implementation of epmd (Erlang Port Mapper Daemon) written in C#, whereas
jinterface requires epmd included the official Erlang distribution.
In other words, Erlang.NET works independently from Erlang and allows you
to build distributed Erlang nodes, exclusively using .NET Framework.



Also, Erlang.NET offers light-weight process, event-driven "actor",
equivalent to so-called "process" in Erlang. Although the idea I am currently
working on is most directly inspired by Singh, many similar programming
technique to implement light-weight process and thread for .NET Framework,
using iterator in C#, can be easily found in the Internet.

An Asynchronous Messaging Library for C#
Satnam Singh and Georgio Chrysanthakopoulos (Microsoft)

Another previous work by Vlad Dumitrescu ( can
be found below. As mentioned in the post, Otp.Net was based on jinterface and unfortunately not actively maintained today. Erlang.NET is a
new port based on the latest jinterface 1.5.1.

[ANN] Release of Otp.Net framework

Jungerl: A jungle of Erlang code

Index of /jungerl/lib/

Takayuki Usui