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(ql:quickload :cl-csv)
(in-package :cl-user)
(load "./restroom.lisp")
(use-package :com.takeico.r.restroom)
(defparameter *frequecy* 3)
(defparameter *use-duration* 1)
(defparameter *population-size* 1000)
(defparameter *facilities-per-restroom-range* '(:from 1 :to 30))
(defparameter *file-name* "simulation2.csv")
(defparameter *data* (make-hash-table))
(defun make-person ()
(make-instance 'person
:use-duration *use-duration*
:frequency *frequecy*))
(loop for facilities-per-restroom
from (getf *facilities-per-restroom-range* :from)
to (getf *facilities-per-restroom-range* :to)
;; (format t "~a~%" facilities-per-restroom)
(setf *person-population*
(loop repeat *population-size* collect (make-person)))
(let ((restroom (make-instance 'restroom :facilities-per-room facilities-per-restroom))
(data nil))
(dotimes (time *duration*)
(let ((queue (copy-list (queue restroom))))
(setf (slot-value restroom 'queue) nil)
(push (length queue) data)
(loop while queue do (enter restroom (pop queue))))
(loop for person in *person-population*
when (need-to-go-p person)
do (enter restroom person))
(tick restroom))
(setf data (nreverse data))
(setf (gethash facilities-per-restroom *data*) data)))
(with-open-file (out *file-name* :direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(loop for facilities-per-restroom
from (getf *facilities-per-restroom-range* :from) to (getf *facilities-per-restroom-range* :to)
collect facilities-per-restroom) :stream out)
(dotimes (time *duration*)
(let ((row nil))
(loop for facilities-per-restroom
from (getf *facilities-per-restroom-range* :from) to (getf *facilities-per-restroom-range* :to)
do (push (nth time (gethash facilities-per-restroom *data*)) row)
finally (setf row (nreverse row)))
(cl-csv:write-csv-row row :stream out))))
;; (loop for k being the hash-key in *data*
;; using (hash-value v)
;; do (format t "~a:~a~%" k v))
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