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ASP.NET MVC library that provides markdown documentation
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Takenet.MarkDocs is a ASP.NET MVC library that provides markdown documentation.

How to use

  • Change the markdocs section in Web.Config with GitHub project documentation sources.
  • You can generate your access token on this link
  • An optional default language could be defined on top level element <markdocs defaultLanguage="en">

The markdocs section will be created during the NuGet package installation.

  • Create/Change your mvc.sitemap node to host the documentation links
<mvcSiteMapNode title="Documentation" controller="Docs" action="Show"
                dynamicNodeProvider="YourNamespace.DocsDynamicNodeProvider, YourAssembly">

The type YourNamespace.DocsDynamicNodeProvider referenced above will be created during the NuGet package installation.

Dependency Injection

You need to configure your DI to inject the MarkDocsProvider on your DocsController and DocsDynamicNodeProvider. This example uses SimpleInjector:


Docs Controller

The NuGet package installer will create a DocsController with a Show action to load your markdown documents and display them in a view.

Docs Views

You need to create a view inside the folder Views/Docs named Show.cshtml to display your markdown document.

Folder and file names

On the GitHub project that will host your documentation files, create a docs folder in the root folder.

If you want to localize your docs, create a folder for each culture. At the moment, only TweLetterCultureCodes are supported as culture options. Name your folder accordingly. Ex:

- docs
    - en
    - pt

File name sorting

You need to prefix your markdown files with a number and a dash. The number will be used to sort the documentation files and the equivalent SiteMap items.

SiteMap Localization

The SiteMap itens can be localized if your enable localization in the Web.Config file. The localization resources must match the part of the file name discarding the sort index and the extension and should be available in your AppGlobal_Resources named SiteMapResources.


Apache License 2.0

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