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Ethereum EVM illustrated
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Ethereum EVM illustrated

This is an illustrated document about the EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Here is: Ethereum EVM illustrated (PDF).


1 Introduction

  • Blockchain
  • World state
  • Account
  • Transaction
  • Message
  • Decentralised database
  • Atomicity and order

2 Virtual machine

  • Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)
  • Message call
  • Exception
  • Gas and fee
  • Input and output
  • Byte order
  • Instruction set
  • Miscellaneous

Appendix A : Implementation

  • Source code in Geth
  • EVM developer utility
  • Solidity ABI

Appendix B : User interface

  • Web3 API
  • Geth, Mist, Solc, Remix, Truffle, ...


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